Sometimes, for different types of problems, we have found ourselves in need of searching for personal loans online. Or, in other cases, we go to the bank where the paperwork is endless and our loan ends up being rejected because we had to enter something. What a problem!

But for everything, there is a solution. Nowadays it is possible to obtain personal loans only with the document if identification. These types of online loans are there, somewhere on the web, waiting for us. Are you interested in knowing a little more about them? You are in luck, here we will tell you everything you need to know.

Personal loans only with Good Credit

Personal loans only with Good Credit

Applying for personal loans just with the identity document is not an Internet myth. This something possible and several financial institutions offer this product for the convenience of its users. Personal loans only with Good Credit are loans that are offered for a not very high amount of money. In short, they are small loans where the amount granted is moderate compared to other types of loans in the market.

One of the main characteristics of personal loans only with Good Credit is its close relationship with the Internet. One of the things that has made personal loans popular only with Good Credit is the use that has been given to the Internet. Today, anyone can access a web page and make the request.

The entire process to make the request for personal loans only with Good Credit can and should be done through the Internet: application, processing and deposit of the amount borrowed.

Another important point about personal loans only with ID is its flexibility in the main conditions such as: the amount that can be received and the stipulated time to repay it.

Loans only with Good Credit

Loans only with Good Credit

Loans only with Good Credit have many differences with traditional loans. Before ordering one, it is important that you know what distinguishes one from the other.

  • The amount : It is normal for financial institutions that offer loans with ID only to pay large amounts of money so that the interest rate is higher. But in the online operators the maximum amount that can be requested is lower.
  • The term of return: again, banks and credit institutions prefer long periods of return, because the longer it takes to return that money, the longer they will be charging commissions to the customer. In the case of online loans, the earlier they are repaid, the better. Most online financial institutions set a 30-day repayment term.

Asnef loans only payroll

Asnef loans only payroll

In traditional banks, they commonly consider that if you have outstanding debts, it is because you cannot afford to pay them and, then, you will not be able to face the payment of your new loan.

That is why for any traditional bank, being included in the Asnef registry or other delinquent registry implies the rejection of any financing request, due to the default risks assumed by the banks at the time of lending. money.

However, online entities know that it can be very difficult to leave records such as Asnef, even after the person pays the debt, so they do not give real importance to a user being registered on that list of delinquents when doing application.

Then, it is possible to get Asnef loans only payroll. There are many online lenders that offer this financial product to anyone who asks for it, as long as it meets some requirements, of course.

The companies give the loans Asnef only payroll because the only thing that interests them is that you return the money in the stipulated time. Before, of course, you must show that you are capable of doing so.

Bank personal loans

Bank personal loans

After all this you wonder what are personal bank loans? These are nothing more and nothing less than the personal loans they give in banks. If you are a regular customer of a bank and have a good credit history, the options for accepting the loan application are more extensive.

Consumer Loan Broker, what is it?

This year (2017), a new type of private / consumer loan / unsecured loan company has flourished. These are loan intermediaries. Read about 3 top loan intermediaries in Norway here! You’ve probably seen several of their commercials on TV. Reading that has been going for a long time. But it’s not just Reading that offers such a service. This year, there have been very many players on the market who all offer loan brokerage and more collaborations with far more banks than LendWe does.

A loan intermediary is an intermediary between the borrower and the banks. You can visit a loan broker and give them a loan application which they then pass on to their business partners. There may be as many as 16 to 17 banks receiving your inquiry. Loan S-Maker is a loan broker that sends your application to 16 banks. Many different well-known Norwegian banks and lenders.


Benefits of using a loan intermediary

consumer loan

The great advantage of using a lender when you are borrowing money is that you get to see exactly what terms each bank can give you, before entering into a loan agreement with one of the banks. This can provide a good basis and the opportunity to compare many actual loan offers. Since the terms for consumer loans in Norway are currently assessed on an individual basis, and how much you can borrow and at what rate is adjusted for each borrower, one can first get the best basis for comparing consumer loans after applying for and obtaining loan offers from each Bank. This is very time consuming, if you do not use a loan intermediary, which will make it completely free of charge and no obligation for you.


Does it cost anything?


No, it is very gratifying to announce that it does not cost a penny to use any of the loan intermediaries, which you will find information on here at Credit & MoneyLoan. Have also not read or heard that it should cost anything with other loan intermediaries than the ones you find on this site. You can check this on the official websites of each loan provider before applying to be sure.


Non-binding application


You get offers from interested banks and choose the loan with the lowest interest rate or which is best otherwise, for you in your situation. The loan offers can be valid for around 30 days so you have a good time to consider which of the offers you want to use.


How much can you borrow?

Between USD 5,000 and USD 500,000. Loan S-Maker provides loans between USD 5,000 and USD 500,000. Supfinance, from 50,000 to 500,000 dollars.


What can the money be used for?

money loan

You can use the money for exactly what you want. Whether it is renovation, holidays, merchandise purchases, or refinancing of credit cards and small loans does not matter. Except that borrowing money for gambling is not allowed, there are no restrictions on what you can spend your money on.


How long does it take?

It takes no longer to get a loan through a loan broker than if you go directly to each bank.

The Smart Solution to Deal With Troubled Online Loans

These days, there has been a surge in online lending services, from legal to illegal. Offering a variety of amenities for potential customers makes those who need fresh funds considered helpful. Instead of solving the problem, it happens that the customer is harmed because of the unlucky flowers.

Eventually, the debtor will instead incur endless debt. As of late, it has been widely criticized by many media outlets, where some debtors have ended their lives due to debt.

Online Loans Can Help If There Is No Problem

Online Loans Can Help If There Is No Problem

Seeing the incident has certainly caused many people to resort to online lending. While online lending is one of the fastest-growing solutions for funds, at least there are many solutions.

Because of this, we do need some points to keep in mind when dealing with a problematic online loan. Here are some tips to get you out of trouble with online loan applications :

Be aware of the Obligations of the Borrower in accordance with Article 1740 of the Civil Code

Citing Article 1740 of the Civil Code stipulates that each type of loan either online or non-online shall be paid. It emphasized that every debt owed has a strong legal umbrella and must be obeyed by every citizen without exception.

If you violate that section, you are in violation of any applicable law. So it is not surprising that the civil case settlement process sometimes ends up on the green table.

Propose Loan Restructuring When Loans Are Excessively High

As a debtor, We are often depressed because of delinquency and are often burdened by the notion that lenders can take various ways to recover the loan.

However, not all of these assumptions are true as a debtor, We also have the right to be able to apply for restructuring if we find it difficult to pay off the pre-taken online loan installment.

Debt restructuring in the case of personal debt refers to a mutually agreed-upon loan agreement between the borrower and the lender. This can be done if the lender has financial difficulties so that when installing the installment loan it is stopped. To be able to do this restructuring usually, the debtor must first submit it in writing to the creditor.

Report to the Policies If You Are Inappropriate by the Lender

Report to the Policies If You Are Inappropriate by the Lender

As problematic borrowers, we often find ourselves under threat and even lenders even threatening, disseminating personal data, scams, and defamation. If you have been treated as such, please do not hesitate to report to the appropriate authorities.

Failure to do so will only worsen the situation in the midst of difficulty paying the bills, and even less likely to cause the debtor to become traumatized.

The trauma experienced by the debtor can lead to the debtor’s psychic and can even end his life. This could be due to threats made by online lenders, ranging from acts of dissemination of personal data such as phone numbers, theft of personal data such as co-workers used for billing, intimidation, and fraud.

LBH itself mentions that such acts can be categorized as acts against crime. If you as a customer are treated as such, please do not hesitate to report to the appropriate authorities. You as a customer have at least a strong legal umbrella as set out in Article 8 Section 1 of the Policy Rule. 12 of 2009.

Report to the Authorities as Needed

Report to the Authorities as Needed

Here are some things you need to do if you find a problematic online loan. Feel free to report to the appropriate authorities if you find yourself in any danger. Also, remember to keep paying your bills on time so that your loans stay smooth and have no problems. Good luck!

Should I Have a Credit Loan? Check out the following benefits so you are not confused anymore

The fluctuating financial conditions and constantly changing tides make one more realistic in dealing with economic conditions. But many of them prefer to wait until they have enough savings to make a change or innovation in their lives.

For example, an entrepreneur, if he needs funds or capital for his business development, will either choose to wait for his savings, or opt for a solution for a loan.

For someone with a logical mind, they will definitely want to move forward, looking for a solution by lending, because with the change of trend the name of the business idea must have changed and will never be the same again.

Credit Lending As a Financial Solution

Credit Lending As a Financial Solution

Credit lending may be a bit familiar in our society, with the huge cost of education, health care costs and other pressing needs making people prefer credit lending as one of their financial solutions.

Maybe the question on your mind is, is a credit loan necessary? It all depends on the thinking and the needs of everyone, but some of our society prefers lending credit to meet all of their needs, from car loan lending, home ownership credit, to consumer consumer debt.

So in this article we are going to talk about whether it is necessary to make a loan? As well as what benefits we can get.

1. Borrow Only Productivity Activities

1. Borrow Only Productivity Activities

Credit loans are not always considered negative, if you use them for productive things, such as educational expenses, business development capital, vehicle loans used for business activities and for home buying. For example, for the cost of education, with the current cost of education, lending is a solution that will ultimately improve our financial future. Higher education can also give us a boost in our future work.

2. Become a Proposed Fund

You will never know what will happen in the future, for example, when our condition is good, but when something unexpected happens, such as accidents, natural disasters, wife-giving, home renovations, which will certainly require funds that do not small loans, so a loan can be a solution when you need funds quickly if you don’t have enough savings to cover those needs.

3. Make Loans for Business Capital

3. Make Loans for Business Capital

At the moment the difficulty of finding a venture capital is a problem that is common to anyone looking to start a business, despite having a savings fund but the huge need for living like basic necessities to consumer needs makes it difficult for us to increase the savings we make for venture capital. In other words, a credit loan is very much needed as a way out of our problems.

4. Improvement of Community Buying Power

4. Improvement of Community Buying Power

Credit lending is also a solution to help the government increase the purchasing power of the community and reduce unemployment. Of course, this would be beneficial for entrepreneurs who would start their business so that someone would be hired to help them out, in other words helping the government reduce the number of unemployed.


But aside from the benefits of lending there are some disadvantages if you take the wrong step in allocating these funds

1. Make Loans for Consumer Activities

It would be a pity if we were to take credit only for lifestyle, such as shopping, buying new gadgets and personal vehicles that could not increase our financial income in the future, even though those loans would appear to be wasted on installments and the interest you have to pay each month.

2. Borrowing Credit to Pay Down Debt

2. Borrowing Credit to Pay Down Debt

The other thing that will surely hurt you is lending in order to pay off another loan, like saying we are closing the hole but opening the bigger hole. Of course it will all be in vain and will even harm you in the long run. So it is wiser to use the funds that you will borrow later.

Make Credit Lending a Positive Action and Use It Right

Make Credit Lending a Positive Action and Use It Right

Now you can decide for yourself whether it is necessary to make a loan and then what benefits you can get in the future.

Lending can actually be a positive activity if you use it properly, because lending is not always a bad thing, but you should also consider whether you can afford to pay a monthly installment along with interest provided to not exceed 30% of your monthly income, this is to keep you from having a lot of Debt in the future.