10 Celebrities Who Play Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment’s entry into the battle royale market is considered by many to be one of the best. Apex Legends features a plethora of colorful characters as they battle across the island of Storm Point to claim victory over their opponents.

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And with Season 13 just around the corner, the game has garnered a loyal and dedicated fanbase who have enjoyed the fun and mayhem it offers. Among them are a number of celebrities who have their own reputations and may surprise some that they share the same love for Summit like anyone else.

Sam Wiwer

Sam Witwer's custom action figures based on his RPG characters

Some may recognize Sam Witwer from hit TV shows like The Walking Dead and Smallville, but many would have heard him more than he would have seen him. Witwer is well known for doing the voices of star wars franchise in some of his top-ranked roles.

In 2019, ESPN set up a major gaming event called Apex Legends EXP Pro-Am. Among the many participants in the list, Witwer was among the famous players who took part in the competition.

Breanna Stewart

Breanna Stewart shoots basketball

While many sports personalities have become fans of the game and its characters, Breanna Stewart is one of the few basketball players to also join the ESPN gaming competition in 2019. After playing games for her team, the Seattle Storm, we find it on Summitthe island.

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While she may not have participated in many video game events, she is no stranger to competing in major events and drawing a crowd. She also did not compete alongside her teammates in the Tokyo Olympics, but she also competed twice in the women’s basketball world championship.

Kind Troy

The Goldbergs - Hayley Orrantia as Erica Goldberg, Troy Gentile as Barry Goldberg and Bryan Callen as Coach Mellor

Set in the 1980s, The Goldbergs has been on the air since 2013 and continues to make audiences laugh to this day. Among the stars of the series is Troy Gentile, who plays Barry Norman Goldberg, the middle child in the family trying to gain popularity at school.

Before he rose to fame on the show, eager-eyed fans may have caught a glimpse of the Goldberg actor elsewhere. Among them are Tenacious D in Fate’s Choice and Surroundingswhere his work in these comedies will ultimately lead him to his career in The Goldbergs.

Ball Connor

The vampires

While a member of a boy band may come as a surprise to some, Connor Ball is no stranger to video games. Ball became co-owner of LDN UTD earlier this year, pouring his passion for gaming into organizing esports.

But while he may be known for his love of video games, he’s also been part of British pop group The Vamps for a decade. Known for award-winning songs like “Last Night”, the group has also performed with other musicians and bands like Little Mix and Taylor Swift.

Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett

Another sports personality on the list, Martellus Bennett is no stranger to competitions as he has been an American football player for many teams throughout his career. Playing in major games like the Super Bowl, he participated in the Apex Legends EXP Pro-Am event in 2019 alongside other athletes.

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And he also had fierce competition for this event as he was also joined by other American football players. This included players like Orlando Scandrick, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019.

Marcus Scribner

ABC’s hit American comedy Blackish became one of their most famous shows. And with other spin-off series following the comedy characters, it’s no wonder Marcus Scribner rose to stardom as one of the ABC show’s most likable characters, Andre Jr.

He also showed off his skills as a competitive gamer, which likely led to his other endeavors with games like Summit. As part of a feature film with Polygon, Scribner gave the interviewer, Simone de Rochefort, a beating in jump strength while expressing his views on the anime.

xavier wood

xavier wood

For anyone who is a fan of the video game industry and the online personalities associated with it, this will surely come as no surprise. Playing alongside hosts Kinda Funny and G4, Xavier has emerged as another shining personality for fans to enjoy.

It was therefore not surprising to know that Woods was among the many celebrities on the list invited to participate in Apex Legends EXP Pro-Am. And with his WWE charisma, he surely bought the show’s entertainment value.

Snoop Dogg

The infamous musician may be known for his albums and association with other hit artists in the ’90s, but he’s had plenty of ventures into other industries over the years. In addition to having starred in the recent animated film The Adams Family movies, he also appeared on television in NBC’s The voice and coached kids for American football.

But Snoop Dogg is also an avid gamer and streamer, having appeared in games since 2003 alongside his popular movie appearances. When EA’s servers went down during lockdown, he took to social media to represent fans of Apex and other games who relied on the online service to play their favorite games in order to express feelings about the issue.

Tatiana Suarez

Tatiana Suarez

The UFC fighter is no stranger to competition as she has won multiple matches for the UFC and Gladiator challenges. And even before her career in mixed martial arts, she received gold medals at the Jiu-Jitsu championship in 2013 and 2015.

While she participated in the ESPN Apex exhibition, she starred in a video game. Featured alongside other UFC fighters, UFC 4 by EA Sports put Tatiana Saura in the game and turned her into a playable fighter.

Post Malone

Post Malone in the video for Wow

When it comes to video games, Post Malone is no stranger to showing his love for the industry. In addition to appearing in a virtual concert for Pokemonhe also became a co-owner of esports company Envy Gaming.

But he even appeared online and on streaming sites like Twitch to show his love for Apex Legends. He teamed up with several people to play the game on his team and even teamed up with iitzTimmy to beat a season of the game.

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