10 things you didn’t know about legendary wrestling family The Guerreros

The Guerrero family of wrestlers has a long history in professional wrestling, from patriarch Gory Guerrero to Chavo Guerrero Jr in the third generation of the family. Like other wrestling families, most members of the Guerrero family were trained by the family patriarch, Gory Guerrero. The family spent most of their lives between Mexico and Texas, where they lived in the border town of El Paso.

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After Gory retired from wrestling, he trained his sons in a wrestling ring in the backyard of the family home and held independent shows in El Paso and across the border in the Mexican city. of Juárez. The shows not only gave Gory’s eldest children Chavo, Mando and Hector the chance to wrestle in front of a decent crowd, but his youngest son Eddie also entertained the crowd during the shows intermission. Like a WWE Superstar, Eddie Guerrero will take his family name to new heights.


Hector Guerrero is the third of Gory Guerrero’s four sons and began wrestling in 1973. Hector has had a long career, having wrestled for WWE and WCW throughout his career. Hector would end his full-time in-ring career in 2001, but would sign a contract with TNA Wrestling to work as a Spanish color commentator in 2007. During his time as an on-screen figure in TNA, Hector would lead the Latin American exchange. faction, consisting at the time of Homicide and Hernandez, the group was also led by Shelly Martinez.

Guerrero wrestled in a single match for TNA, teaming with LAX against Beer Money Inc and Jacqueline. Hector will leave TNA in 2015, after working for the company for eight years. Guerrero announcement the departure via Twitter.

9/10 Gory had two daughters

Considering the attention Gory Guerrero and his sons receive, you’d be forgiven for thinking he only had male children. However, Gory Guerrero also had two daughters with his wife Herlinda. The two girls were named Maria and Linda Guerrero, but not much is known about them as they didn’t seem to follow their father into professional wrestling, unlike their brothers. Maria was born in 1947, two years before Chavo Guerrero Sr, making her the eldest of Gory’s children.

Linda Guerrero also shunned the family business, choosing instead to work as a television and news anchor. When Gory Guerrero was inducted into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame, his daughters Linda and Maria were on stage to accept the induction on his behalf. Their brothers Hector and Mando were present.

8/10 Herlinda was also from a family of wrestlers

It wasn’t just Gory Guerrero who linked the Guerrero family to professional wrestling, but the family matriarch, Herlinda Guerrero, had a connection to professional wrestling as well. Herlinda Guerrero was originally Herlinda Llanes before her marriage to Gory Guerrero, as she was the younger sister of Enrique Llanes. Enrique wrestled for the Mexican wrestling promotion EMLL during his career as well as Houston Wrestling in Texas. Llanes was a former NWA Middleweight Champion and Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion.

That wasn’t Herlinda’s only connection to professional wrestling. Herlinda was involved in a segment between Eddie Guerrero and rival John “Bradshaw” Layfield at a house show in El Paso, Texas. After JBL attacked Eddie with the WWE Title, Herlinda confronted JBL before having a heart attack in the ring. According to JBL, it was Eddie who came up with the idea for his mother to have a heart attack in front of her children and a cheering crowd in El Paso.

7/10 Hector Guerrero was the Gobbledy Gooker

To Survivor Series 1990, two wrestlers made their WWE debuts. Wrestling as part of Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Team, The Undertaker would make his first official WWE appearance, despite first appearing on an episode of Superstars, aired after Survivor Series. The second start went to the Gobbledy Gooker, who emerged from a giant egg placed at ringside. The Gobbledy Gooker dragged Gene Okerlund to the ring and danced in front of the live crowd.

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The wrestler inside the Gobbledy Gooker costume was Hector Guerero, the son of Gory Guerrero, older brother of Chavo and Eddie Guerrero, and uncle of Chavo Guerrero Jr, who would also wrestle in WWE. Guerrero would occasionally return to WWE as Gobbledy Gooker, most recently in 2001 as part of the Gimmick Battle Royal at Wrestle Mania 17.

6/10 Chavo Guerrero defeated Chavo Guerrero for a WWE Title

While it’s not uncommon for fathers and sons to wrestle in professional wrestling, it’s extremely rare in WWE. Wrestlers from multiple generations rarely have an age difference where WWE will pit them against each other. It’s even rarer with a WWE title on the line. However, that’s what happened between Chavo Guerrero Jr and his father Chavo Classic.

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On an episode of Smack down, Chavo Classic and Chavo Guerrero Jr competed in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The match, which also included Spike Dudley, would end after Chavo Classic inadvertently pinned his son after being knocked down by Spike. Chavo Classic would retain the title for a month before losing it to Rey Mysterio on an episode of SmackDown in what would be Chavo Classic’s final WWE match.

5/10 Gory wrestled for WWE

While Eddie, Chavo Jr, Chavo Classic and even Hector Guerrero had memorable runs with WWE, fewer fans will know that Gory Guerrero also struggled for the McMahon Family promotion. Gory would make appearances for WWE precursor Capitol Wrestling Promotion. Gory would contend for promotion in January and February 1958, but never had any notable matches. Guerrero also challenged Lou Thesz for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at an EMLL event. Guerrero challenged Fritz Von Erich for the number one contender spot for the NWA World Title, but was unsuccessful both times.

4/10 Eddie’s daughter was briefly with WWE

In 2010, five years after Eddie Guerrero passed away, Shaul Guerrero signed a developmental contract with WWE. Shaul was sent to WWE’s developmental promotion at the time, Florida Championship Wrestling, where she became Queen of FCW after defeating Aksana. Shaul would hold the title until it was deactivated by Summer Rae in 2012. Shaul would also hold the FCW Diva Championship after defeating Audrey Marie in December 2011.

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When WWE moved its developmental system from Florida Championship Wrestling to NXT and the Performance Center, Guerrero was one of several wrestlers brought in from the previous promotion. Despite a win over Paige, Shaul would eventually leave NXT in 2014 and take an extended hiatus from wrestling. Shaul would briefly return to wrestling in 2018 for Reality of Wrestling before returning to wrestling in 2020 where she continued to work for All Elite Wrestling as a ring announcer.

3/10 Shaul Guerrero was not authorized to use the Guerrero name

While working at WWE Developmental, Shaul Guerrero went by the name Raquel Diaz instead of his legal last name. Considering what a star Eddie Guerrero was and what a bankable name Guerrero was to this day, it was WWE that didn’t let Shaul use his father’s last name. According to Shaul Guerrero, the decision not to give her the Guerrero surname when she started out was because if she was bad it would smear the Guerrero name.

In 2016, Shaul will marry fellow professional wrestler Matt Rehwoldt, who also worked in WWE under the name Aiden English. The couple met while they were both in the WWE developmental system. English wrestled for WWE from 2012 until his 2020 release as part of COVID-19 releases. English has since joined TNA and New Japan Pro-Wrestling as a member of the commentary team, which he began doing towards the end of his WWE run.

2/10 Eddie and Chavo are uncle and nephew

Given how close they’ve been for ages, you’d be forgiven for thinking Chavo Guerrero Jr and Eddie Guerrero were siblings or cousins. However, the reality is that Eddie was Chavo’s uncle. The reason for the small age gap between the generations was because Eddie was the youngest of Gory Guerrero’s children, born when his older brother Chavo Sr was already 18 years old. Three years after Eddie’s birth, Chavo Guerrero Sr fathered Chavo Guerrero Jr.

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Due to their close ages, Chavo and Eddie would often fight each other at wrestling events promoted by Gory Guerrero in the family’s hometown of El Paso or across the country. border in Mexico. Eddie and Chavo would wrestle together in both WCW and WWE, with Chavo coming to WWE upon the sale of WCW. Chavo and Eddie would hold the WWE Tag Team Titles twice together while wrestling as Los Guerreros.

1/10 Gory Guerrero was a wrestling innovator

Creating a movement and giving it your name in professional wrestling is an honorary mark that few wrestlers have. The Guerrero family patriarch doesn’t just have one movement named after him, but Gory Guerrero has several movements named in his honor. Gory is credited with creating the Gory Special, the Gory Bomb, and the Gory Neckbreaker, all three named in his honor. There are also several other wrestling moves that Gory Guerrero has been credited with creating and pioneering professional wrestling.

The most common move that Gory Guerrero created but isn’t often credited with is the Camel Clutch. Even though the move was popularized by wrestlers with Middle Eastern gimmicks, like the Sheik or the Iron Sheik, the move was first created and used by Gory Guerrero and was called La de a Caballo.

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