$260m rich rapper Drake loses $2m in 25 minutes after huge upset at Madison Square Garden

Canadian rapper Drake, famous for songs like A dance, God’s plan, in my feelings, and more, have recently faced a sizable loss. He had bet on Nigerian-New Zealand mixed martial artist, Israel Adesanya at UFC 281, held at Madison Square Garden in New York. This is all blamed on the “Drake Curse,” meaning that if a sports team or athlete faces poor results in their next game after meeting Drake, the blame lies with them.

Drake, a popular Canadian hip-hop singer.

Drake lost the bet he placed on Izzy, the Nigerian slugger

UFC 281, which pitted Israel Adesanya against Alex Pereira, was a jaw-dropping brawl to watch. The fight was a 5-round main event. “Poatan”, which is a Brazilian nickname for Pereira, meaning “Solid Hand” has already had two wins over “The Last Stylebender”, Adesanya before this event. Now, having faced and lost him twice before, it was a chance for Adesanya to return to Pereira. Unfortunately, he was defeated in the fifth round by technical knockout (TKO).

UFC 281, an American mixed martial arts event between Adesanya and Pereira.
UFC 281, an American mixed martial arts event between Adesanya and Pereira.

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B/R Betting tweeted his loss on Twitter:

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This is not what Drake expected, as he had bet on losing Alex Pereira but was wrong. Pereira’s victory was difficult as he had struggled in the heats leading up to fifth. Had Adesanya won, Drake would have gotten a total payout of around $678,196.

Drake won with His loss but lost to Pereira victory

Drake and 21 Savage and their latest album, Her Loss.
Drake and 21 Savage and their latest album, Her Loss.

Drake recently posted His loss, who topped the Top 100 list, taking over from Taylor Swift Midnights. He collaborated with 21 Savage on this new album, which saw around 404,000 first week sales in the US alone. Although he had a good win in his singing career, his guessing skills are not impressive. The Drake Curse is apparently a real thing after all.

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The Drake Curse, a devastating phenomenon for Drake himself.
The Drake Curse is a devastating phenomenon for Drake himself.

The hitmaker placed bets in many sports like football and basketball. He began publicly betting on American Mixed Martial Arts in March where he bet Jorge Masvidal a total of $275,000 but had to watch him lose the fight. Looks like His loss was a hit obviously but Drake is at “His Loss” when it comes to placing bets!

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