Adam Hunter’s star-studded fantasy comedy lineup

Gerald Meerschaert

“Gerald Meerschaert is a super hilarious guy but nobody knows because he’s super dry, but it’s really funny.”

Spotlight on Humor: Paul Felder: “Gerald, you don’t know any other way to get in here than to get hit multiple times and get a finish, what’s going on?”
Meerschaert“Well, you know, we trained together for so long, Paul, I inherited some of your habits.”
Strengths: He’s not the most studied fighter when it comes to his personality. People tend to focus more on his submission skills and “anyone, anytime” attitude about fights, but there’s a very present, but dry, killer sense of humor. probably with those around him.
Weaknesses: Dry humor is in a lot of people’s alley, but there’s a chance that the casual comedy fan who thinks it’s nothing more than *setup, joke, setup, joke, setup, joke* would find his dry sense of humor “boring”.
Probability: 6/10
Pre-performance note: The bar would be low for Meerschaert but not because he is known to be boring. People haven’t been exposed too much to his humor and personality and he’s okay with that. The more he agrees with it, the more he goes under the radar. Meerschaert would probably be on the safe side of the “I didn’t know he was funny” comments when all was said and done.

Evaluation: 7/10

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