Bachelorette Gabby Windey’s ex Nate explains if he dated 2 women at once: ‘I’m so sorry’

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of the bachelorette.

The men told it all on Monday’s episode of the bachelorette – and one man in particular had some explaining to do.

Host Jesse Palmer gate Gaby WindeyFormer Nate Mitchell favorite on internet rumors that he hid the fact that he has a daughter from an ex-girlfriend as well as speculation that he once dated two women at the same time.

“I went through a pretty traumatic time when I got divorced and basically the foundation that was built around my daughter pretty much crumbled,” Mitchell, 33, said in response to questions about her child. . “And the one thing I protect the most in this world is my daughter. I would never put her in a situation that I thought was dangerous, a situation that I feel was unstable.”

The electrical engineer called his daughter “the greatest treasure I have” and explained that he “built a wall to protect my daughter from the instability of my love life”.

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Palmer, 43, then asked Mitchell to “date two women simultaneously.”

“I would say that I am deeply sorry for the way I acted,” Mitchell said. “I should have been more communicative. I should have been clearer in my actions and I pray that you forgive the man that I was because I am not the same person.”

Palmer pointed out that some fans of the show have speculated on the authenticity of “everything you said to Gabby, maybe even your feelings for her”.

“Every emotion I had with Gabby was real,” Mitchell insisted. “We both felt it, we lived it. In past relationships, I can’t always say we had the commitment to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but with that, I committed. to Gabby as a boyfriend, and I came in with that come in.”

Mitchell’s teammate Alec Garza backed him up. “I think really great men make other men better and Nate, you made me better just by talking to you around you,” the wedding photographer, 27, said. “You are my brother, so I support you.”

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Windey, 31, finally broke up with Mitchell for fear that she cannot be the mother of her daughter at the moment. When the ICU nurse joined Palmer on stage later in the episode, she had nothing but kind words to say about Mitchell.

“It’s so good to see you again because you’ve had such an impression on my journey,” Windey said, “not only with me personally, but I think you’re such a leader for all men in the way you treat women.”


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Mitchell reiterated to Windey that their relationship “was real and raw.”

“I don’t think because it ended, it wasn’t beautiful,” he continued. “We had one of the best friendships that led to a great relationship and just seeing her again and watching us grow makes me very emotional.”

The father thought Windey handled their breakup with “so much class”.

“You know how momentous meeting my daughter would have been and how much it would have meant to me and for me to open up that part of my life,” Mitchell said. “And I can’t thank you enough and tell you how much I still admire and adore you.”

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the bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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