Bronner in Frankenmuth loans nativity scene for state capital exhibit as satanic group plans own exhibit


Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland Lending the Crib

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth lends a three-piece nativity scene like this to a church in Lansing for display on the Michigan Capitol Lawn.

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Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

FRANKENMUTH, MI – A Frankenmuth company that bills itself as the largest Christmas store in the world is lending a nativity scene to display at the Michigan Capitol.

The decision from the makers of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland comes after a satanic group announced plans to set up their own exhibit on Capitol Hill this year.

Company president Wayne Bronner said his family business was happy to provide a Christian Christmas display.

“We think it’s very appropriate,” Bronner said. “Because, after all, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. “

Bronner said Wednesday, Dec. 17, his company is lending a nursery to a Catholic church in the Lansing area that plans to manage the signage on the Capitol Lawn.

State Senator Rick Jones has led recent efforts to place a Christian Nativity scene outside the Capitol during the holidays.

An earlier effort by an out-of-state resident to place a Nativity display in front of the Capitol failed after this man could not find local assistance to dismantle the display each night, as the rules of the Capitol require it.

A satanic group is planning to install this exhibit at the Lansing State Capitol.

Jones announced he was resurrecting the effort on November 15 after learning that a Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple would set up its own holiday exhibit on the Capitol Lawn.

The group, which describes itself as a collective of “Satanists, lay people and defenders of individual freedom,” received permission to set up an exhibition on the North Lawn of the Capitol from December 21 to 23. The exhibit, built by the Detroit Chapter, includes a cross, a serpent, and a message that “the greatest gift is knowledge.”

Bronner, a devout Lutheran, said there was a reason his store capitalized the “Christ” portion of his name in signs and advertising.

“There is no doubt in what we believe,” he said. “We think having a nativity scene on display during the Christmas season is very, very important.”

The longtime family business has sold hundreds of nurseries to people across the country, Bronner said.

He called it “unfortunate” that the satanic group is vying for public attention with its display during the Christmas holidays.

“They certainly have the right to display this,” Bronner said. “I think that’s a real shame. When I was a kid, those issues never arose. Now a vocal minority makes it a big deal. I just think it’s very sad that a vocal minority is pushing them aside. people.”

Bronner said a three-piece Nativity of the Holy Family set was chosen because it met the size requirements set by the state.

The store lends the figurines to St. John’s Church and Student Center, a Catholic church located near the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing. Volunteers will set up a schedule to ensure that the Nativity is installed each morning on the grounds of the Capitol and taken down each evening.

Bronner said the three characters were being prepared for the Wednesday morning, Dec. 17 trip. The plan is to install the display before noon on Friday, December 19.

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