Canelo Alvarez doesn’t want Gennadiy Golovkin trilogy says Abel Sanchez boxing news uk


By Jeff Aronow: Former Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin coach Abel Sanchez says Canelo Alvarez doesn’t need to fight GGG at this point in his career. Golovkin had two chances to beat Canelo in 2017 and 2018, and he failed both times by fighting too passively.

Former four-division world champion Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) wants to cement his legacy, and he has four or more fighters ahead of him that he wants to face, Sanchez says.

Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) needs superstar Canelo more than the other way around as the Mexican star is focused on winning the undisputed Super Middleweight Championship on November 6 against Caleb Plant.

If Canelo manages to become the undisputed champion, he could then face Jermall Charlo or David Benavidez.

Chances are, Canelo will fight these two fighters before leaving the 168-pound division in an attempt to become the undisputed champion at 175.

Canelo doesn’t need Gennadiy

“I think GGG needs him more than Canelo needs him,” Abel Sanchez told Fighthub when asked what he thought about the possibility of a trilogy match between Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez.

“I think it’s a decent fight only because it’s the type of fight that brings Gennadiy in, but Canelo has three or four guys fielded that he wants to fight.

“He’s looking for future rankings and he’s looking for Hall of Fame status.

It is [Canelo] looking for a lot of different things, and Gennadiy isn’t one of themSanchez said of Canelo not being interested in fighting Golovkin again.

What detracts from Golovkin’s chances of getting another fight against Canelo is the way he ended his career fighting infrequently and taking no risky opposition since 2018.

Golovkin’s opposition since losing to Canelo in 2018:

  • Steve rolls
  • Sergiy Derevyanchenko
  • Kamil Szeremeta

Gennadiy cannot blame the pandemic for having fought three times in the past three years, as this problem only emerged at the end of 2019. Moreover, the pandemic does not prevent Golovkin from battling an best opposition, and that’s his decision.

If Golovkin wanted a trilogy match with Canelo, he would have had to fight these fighters to win the fight:

  • Demetrios Andrade
  • Jermall Charlo
  • Danny jacobs
  • David Benavidez
  • Billy Joe Saunders
  • Callum smith
  • Dmitri Bivol
  • Artur Beterbiev

Golovkin has a lot of threats at 160 and 168

“In Gennadiy’s career and at this point with his age, I think there are a lot of threats. Not a threat to beat him but to beat him [on him] him, to hit him, to do what [Sergiy] Derevyanchenko]”Sanchez said of the threats from GGG he faced at age 39.

“Fights like this one where his face comes out like Derevyanchenko’s fight, I think there are several threats at 160.

“Not that they’re going to knock him out because they aren’t going to knock him out.” Gennadiy has a granite chin. He can be stopped because he is too badly affected.

“But guys like [Jermall] Charlo, guys like, if he goes to 168, guys like David Benavidez, ”Abel said.

There are a lot of fighters at 160 and 168 that would pose a threat to Golovkin, and he should have fought them already.

Golovkin could likely beat many of the threats in both weight classes, but those would be punitive fights for him.

Andrade and Charlo are always winnable fights for Golovkin, but he’ll probably never fight them. Golovkin doesn’t show the same kind of ambition at this point in his career as Canelo. GGG’s last fight against Szeremeta is a perfect example. What a waste of combat.

Another example of Golovkin’s failure to take risks is his next fight, which is expected against WBA middleweight champion Ryota Murata in December.

Many boxing fans consider Murata to be the weakest link among the champions at 160.

Some fans see Murata as a paper champion, and it’s disappointing that of all the belt holders in the 160-pound division, Golovkin picks him to fight.

Sanchez says Andrade couldn’t beat GGG

“[Demetrius] Andrade wouldn’t be so much of a threat, ”Sanchez said when asked if Demetrius Andrade would be a problem for Golovkin at this point in his career.

“No, Andrade would never get close enough to make it a fight,” Sanchez said, meaning Andrade wouldn’t go into the trenches with Golovkin to give him a chance to win.

“I speak of” close “by wanting to make a fight, by wanting to win a fight. No he is [Andrade] no bigger than Gennadiy. Gennadiy is bigger than a heavyweight. I tell you. If you think [IBF/WBC light heavyweight champion Artur] Beterbiev is strong.

“It would be a good fight between Gennadiy and Beterbiev. It would be a big fight. In terms of strength, size and physique. Right now, ”Sanchez said.

Abel is probably right that WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade couldn’t beat Golovkin. The way Andrade struggled in his last fight against Liam Williams, he won’t be Golovkin even now.

Golovkin vs. Artur Beterbiev would be a great fight, but it probably won’t happen. GGG should be ready to move up to 175 like Canelo did to take on Beterbiev, and he hasn’t shown the same ambition as the Mexican star.

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