Carlos Condit explains why he retired from MMA


Carlos Condit spoke about his retirement from MMA.

Late last week, Guilherme Cruz of announced that Condit had retired. “The Natural Born Killer” manager Malki Kawa later confirmed the news.

The condition appeared on MMACombat‘s MMA time to discuss his decision to retire. Condit said the bottom line is that there are just diminishing returns.

“It’s about time, man. It was time. For a lot of different reasons. After this last fight, I felt like I had a good camp and I was just a step behind Max. I feel like I could really try to tweak things and I could try to figure out what’s missing, what part of the formula isn’t working right now, and then go and test it again and test it again, but it is a difficult thing to do. It’s a difficult thing to do because eventually I have to go and put myself in the crosshairs to see if what I’m doing is working.

“At some point the returns go down, so I think it’s time to move on. “

Condit makes it clear that he has little to no regrets for everything that has happened throughout his career.

“It’s really difficult. I loved every fucking second of it. The ups, the downs, all that. If I had to pick one in particular, those last two fights that I won when we were in Abu Dhabi and really lived in that surreal atmosphere. My coaches are all my very good friends and we had the opportunity to go to this crazy beautiful place and fight. It was very fun. But I have 19, almost 20 years of memories, so that would be really hard to pin down.

Condit ends his pro MMA career with a 32-14 record. He had won two fights in a row before coming up against Max Griffin. Condit lost the fight by unanimous decision. “The Natural Born Killer” was 9-10 under the UFC banner.

Carlos Condit won gold in the UFC, albeit on an interim basis. He defeated Nick Diaz for the interim UFC welterweight championship in February 2012. Condit lost the title unification fight to Georges St-Pierre.

Condit will be remembered for his exciting fighting style and few will forget his five-round classic against Robbie Lawler in January 2016. – The easy way to purchase Pay-Per-View events.

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