Chael Sonnen rants about Jorge Masvidal’s tweet

Jorge Masvidal has been inactive for over six months since his loss to Colby Covington at UFC 272. A recent tweet from Masvidal inspired an epic rant from former UFC fighter and current analyst Chael Sonnen.

Speaking on his Beyond the fight podcast, Chael Sonnen called Jorge Masvidal’s tweet “the least favorite” he’s ever seen. Sonnen would shout it all out on the tweet, stating:

“The whole caption says ‘life is a beach, don’t forget your towel’, he doesn’t have a towel. He’s holding a surfboard, I don’t understand. Then there’s even an emoji attached or two. Now it’s a bit girly in all honesty. The emoji set is a bit girly and there’s like two emojis attached, but again, they’re not selling anything, they’re not getting me anywhere.

Sonnen continued his rant, adding:

“It’s the BMF. It’s the reigning BMF. I have to believe the reigning BMF is going to an uninhabited part of Miami beach, part of Florida, where he lives, on a cloudy day, speaking of ‘don’ “I didn’t forget your towel”, but he didn’t bring one? He is holding a surfboard while wearing a hat, he has his iPhone in his pocket. Is the iPhone all all of a sudden?”

Sonnen came to the final conclusion that Masvidal doesn’t surf, saying:

“He’s not going to surf. I don’t know if he’s surfing. Why does he tell us to surf? Why does he want us to think he’s surfing? Cuba way. Why does he want me to think he’s is a surfer? I don’t respect surfers. Why are you telling me that life is a beach? Life is not a beach. Why are you telling me not to forget my towel? I’m too macho for a towel. Who exactly was George talking to here?”

Watch Chael Sonnen’s full comments on Jorge Masvidal below:

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Jorge Masvidal has dropped out of the top ten at welterweight

Despite being inactive for over six months, Jorge Masvidal was dropped from the top ten in the welterweight division in the latest version of the UFC rankings. Previously ranked No. 9 welterweight, Masvidal fell two spots.

Vicente Luque and Shavkat Rakhmonov both moved up a spot, taking the #9 and #10 spots respectively. Masvidal has lost his last three fights, including two for the welterweight championship. Despite headlining pay-per-view events in his last four fights, he’s only had one win in that span.

Luque is also on a losing streak, dropping his last two fights with his last appearance two months ago. His last victory dates back more than a year. Rakhmonov, on the other hand, is yet to lose in his mixed martial arts career. He is 16-0 overall and 4-0 in the UFC, his last fight being over three months ago.

It’s been several months since any of the three welterweights competed, so it’s unclear why the UFC decided to change their rankings.

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