Cheyanne Vlismas reacts to facial treatment

UFC fighter Cheyanne Vlismas has confirmed that her overseas acne facial treatment did not go as she planned.

2021 has been a mixed year for Cheyanne Vlismas, formerly known as Cheyanne Buys, as she began her UFC journey after appearing in Dana White’s Contender series. Her unanimous decision loss to Montserrat Ruiz dropped her professional mixed martial arts record to 5-2, but she was able to bounce back in style with great wins over Gloria de Paula and Mallory Martin.

Sadly, 2022 hasn’t seen the best of starts – as she documented in the next series publications on social networks.

“When you travel to a country where around 5% of the population speaks English, sometimes it is difficult to communicate. I went to a cosmetic beauty salon to get an acne facial estimate, told them I wanted carbonated laser treatment. Now for 1) my face is on fire 2) it hurts so much. It was like throwing hot oil on my skin. 3) takes 10 days to recover 4) my face will peel and cannot train for downtime. 5) I already look like a lobster and it’s only going to get 10 times worse. said Vlismas.

“I look like Freddy Krueger! But at least my skin will be bulging in a few weeks lol “

Despite the setbacks, it looks like she will be fine after the 10 days have passed.

The next step for Vlismas would apparently be for her to focus on what’s going on inside and outside the cage. She has been embroiled in a series of public disputes, particularly with her ex-partner, and she will want to prioritize building the two-game winning streak she has established.

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