Cody Garbrandt won’t aggressively dehydrate to make 125


Cody Garbrandt’s nutritionist is confident that his flyweight reduction will be smooth.

Dr Matteo Capodaglio, who worked with middleweight contender Marvin Vettori, future female flyweight title challenger Lauren Murphy and undefeated prospect Uros Medic, added a featured client to his resume.

Former UFC bantamweight champion Garbrandt (12-4 MMA, 7-4 UFC) will drop to 125 pounds to meet Kai Kara-France (22-9 MMA, 5-2 UFC) at UFC 269 December 11. He seeks help from Capodaglio, who likes what he saw of Garbrandt after giving him a few tests.

“There are all the locals, there are all the right numbers to do well,” Capodaglio told MMA Junkie. “And we’re still in a phase where, yes, he’s started losing weight for sure. This is our first camp together. He’s never really worked with a nutritionist before, so we’re also working on creating a performance-based plan. So I teach him to eat in the sense that we want to periodize the carbohydrate intake at certain times of the day, at certain times of the week.

“There are days when you want to stimulate adaptation, so you are going to eat a little less and you are going to create physiological stress levels in your body so that you can respond and become better. It is said in science that physiological stress induces adaptation. so we are working on it. Some days he trains weakly and other days he recharges and performs – for example, when he has his sparring. He’s a big fan of cycling so he rides a lot and that’s a big help when it comes to reducing a weight class.

Capodaglio won’t cook Garbrandt’s meals, but he’ll break down the numbers, calorie intake, and provide recipes. Capodaglio said that in order to reach the bantamweight limit, Garbrandt never had a diet. So now that there is the science behind losing weight, the transition to flyweight should be seamless.

“This is not a person who struggled to do 135 and is now going to try to do something impossible to do 125,” Capodaglio said. “To make 135, he ate healthily, but there was no particular justification behind it. Now we are putting more order, and that already gives us room for improvement and then we have a lot of time for that decrease. It will fill up very well until fight week, so don’t think about a 1,500 kilocalorie diet. It’s not going to happen.

“He’s not going to aggressively dehydrate to gain weight. So by the time he’s going to fight, so in 30, sometimes 36 hours, he’s going to be completely hydrated. I will test his hydration. I’m testing his urine density, and I’m pretty confident with my protocols, they can hydrate completely and Cody is going to be completely rehydrated. I believe you’re really going to see a new Cody Garbrandt in the cage, and I’m not dating a reality, but I really see new motivation. He sees his career, he sees his path in a different way, and I think that will translate into the cage when he fights in December.

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