Court Bauer says an all-female show is the end of MLW’s featherweight division

Court Bauer discusses her long-term goals for MLW’s women’s featherweight division, including the potential for an all-female show.

As Major League Wrestling continues to grow, its women’s division is set to get an added layer of prominence at the Kings of Colosseum on Friday, May 13 when the inaugural MLW Women’s Featherweight Champion is crowned at a a match between Taya Valkyrie and Holidead.

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Speaking in a new interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Court Bauer explained why the women’s division is the featherweight division instead of a middleweight division and gave a first look at the new women’s championship belt.

“The first champion will be crowned in Philadelphia. Taya Valkyrie vs. Holidead,” said the court. “I think a lot of people think we have a cute name for featherweight, it’s a real weight class in boxing and MMA. There’s bantamweight, strawweight, featherweight, there’s has all these welterweights. We did it because we want to have multiple weight class divisions, just like we did with the men. It’s not about trying to say or trying to define women by their weight It’s just in combat that we try to lean towards combat sport.

“We’ve got a middleweight division, we’ve got an openweight division, we’ve got a heavyweight division. Maybe one day we’ll have a super heavyweight division. I don’t know. Now we have Big Juicy”, He continued. “For the women, we wanted to have her own weight class and the featherweight class as well. People have never asked, ‘Well, how far does the weight go?’ 205 pounds. So we could then, theoretically, the middleweight division is there too. We can go up to 205 with that. This is an opportunity to give her her own title instead of a women’s middleweight title. We wanted it to have its own shine.

Court also revealed that he had the championship belt made by Wildcat Belts and explained that it was detailed with the Goddess of War on either side as well as diamonds and feathers.

A big part of the growth in the women’s division was the addition of Dave Prazak to oversee the division. Dave has always championed women’s wrestling behind the scenes and provided opportunities for women through the Chicago, Illinois based promotion SHIMMER.

Court also revealed that he would like to hire Cathy Corino (Allison Danger) to help with the division as well. Danger was recently released by WWE from a backstage role at NXT.

“Dave Prazak oversaw the division, said the Court. “He is a visionary of women’s wrestling. He opened the door to so many incredibly talented women forever. So for him to be part of the business and help us with this, I couldn’t ask for a better person to lead this. I think Cathy Corino and Dave Prazak would be my draft picks. Cathy at the time was linked to WWE stuff. We are very happy to have Dave here and I have full confidence in Dave. He is the one who really works in this area and he has done an excellent job. He sends emails in the middle of the night, he sends emails in the morning. He really is so invested in his work. We are excited and thrilled to see this division launched.

Bauer says he hasn’t had a conversation with Cathy Corino yet, due to his recent WWE obligations.

“It’s something that’s been raised, honestly, internally, but we haven’t contacted her. She’s great. We have big fans of her in the business. So her name has come up a couple of times. I had to tell them, ‘Guys, we can’t. I’d like to reach out. She’s with WWE.’ But, yeah, we’re definitely interested in having a conversation.

As for a potential all-female event, Cortez that women deserve their own show and part of the media rights talk includes live specials and opportunities such as a potential show like this.

Well yeah. It’s the endgame for us. When we have our discussions of media rights, the main series, it’s live specials, and then branching opportunities. We want to be able to do a women’s show. We think it’s entirely possible. said the court. “They deserve their own time, not having to share. I would like to have it. I think it would be an awesome show. I think it would have a distinctly different feel. I think it’s just a matter of a partner to back it up and if we have a partner who wants it, man, how many hours do you want?

MLW will crown its first women’s featherweight champion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday, May 13. You can buy tickets for the event on this link. We’ll have full coverage of the event once it’s over and will report on who will become the inaugural champion once that information becomes available.

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