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Ukrainian boxing legend Vitaly Klitschko and football legend Vitaly Shevchenko shared their compatriot Alexander Uzzyk celebrating his victory in heavyweight boxing.

According to the International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Association (WBO), Uziyek has won three belts for the world heavyweight champion. Last Saturday night, they were gathered in front of 60,000 spectators gathered at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England.

Alexander Usic, 34, scored 19 of his 19 wins and in his 13-game knockout career Joshua suffered his second loss with 24 wins.

On Twitter, the official account of the Russian sports channel Match TV posted a video clip of the trio, Andrei Shevchenko said: “The fight is over and we have won.” Vitaly Klitschko added: “We lived in anxiety, but not in vain, everything was fine.” With his strength in the midst of the great joy of the three myths.

Usik was able to sit on the throne of the world heavyweight champion after moving from the light heavyweight division (90.71 kg), having become the full world champion and the first boxer of the history to win four major light heavyweight titles. Won the title of the first edition of the “World Boxing Super” series. Series “or Muhammad Ali Light Heavyweight Cup.


According to the World Boxing Council (WBC), Vitaly Klitschko dominated the World Heavyweight Championship, and he won his last fight on September 8, 2012, successfully defending his title against the loss of his German challenger Mahmoud Shar Amirat ( of Syrian origin). ), Known as the German tank by defeating it by technical knockout in a fight that brought them together at the “Olympics Campus” in Moscow.

Vitaly Klitschko (200cm), 50, has recorded 45 victories in his career, including 41 by KO, with two losses.

Andrei Shevchenko, 44, defended the colors of Dynamo Kiev, AC Milan and Chelsea during his exceptional career, and won the Golden Ball for best player in the world in 2004 in the jersey ” Rosonary ”.

Andrei Shevchenko was a historic player who scored 48 goals in 111 appearances for his country for the Ukrainian national team (1995 and 2012), and later (2016-2021) oversaw his training.

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