Footage reveals how Alex Pereira’s team motivated him to finish Israel Adesanya in the 5th round of their title fight

by Alex Pereira corner scored a moment from Leon Edwards in ‘Poatan’s middleweight title fight against Israel Adesanya at UFC 281. Brilliant corner work for the Brazilian was a reminder of Edwards’ team pushing him to chase a finish in Rocky’s fight against then-welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 278.

Alex Pereira, as Leon Edwards, had to overcome early adversity in his championship fight against kickboxing rival Adesanya. Former two-division kickboxing champion Glory was apparently behind on the scorecards, and Adesanya was well on his way to avenging the two losses to “Poatan” in the kickboxing field.

However, Pereira’s team didn’t let him go without a fight and encouraged the Brazilian to chase after the finish before the fifth lap. Boxing trainer Fernely Feliz Sr. has been heard saying [translated]:

“One round for you to be world champion. Five minutes, enough, enough. You gotta get to it. You gotta get close to it, okay. You gotta knock it out. Listen, you gotta knock it out. Still, always with the position, with a high guard.”

The cornerman added:

“He feels when you strike. You only have one round, active with your defense and combos, two or three strikes. Just one-two, okay, breathe. Right now you’re going to be champion of the world. This ride is yours. Go ahead.

Watch the wedge work below:

“A trick for you to be world champion!” “You have to knock him out!” “This round is yours!” Amazing corner work from Alex Pereira’s team as they headed into the 5th round to defeat Israel Adesanya! 🤯#UFC281

The Brazilian managed to complete the finish with his famous left hook which marked the beginning of the end. The 35-year-old rallied with a barrage of combinations before the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Alex Pereira ascended to the top of the middleweight division in just one year and four UFC octagon appearances, ending the remarkable reign of ‘The Last Stylebender’ in one of the most stunning victories to come. behind.

Dana White reacts to Alex Pereira’s corner against Israel Adesanya at UFC 281

Israel Adesanya’s three-year reign as undisputed UFC middleweight champion came to an end at UFC 281, and Alex Pereira became the freshly crowned 185-pound UFC champion.

UFC President Dana White was very impressed with the advice Pereira’s cornermen gave the Brazilian ahead of the fifth round. According to the UFC boss, the spectacular moment seemed straight out of a movie:

“I wanted to know what the corner jobs were going to be, so I put on the headphones [for translation]. One of his coaches, I don’t know who it was, said to me, ‘You’re losing this fucking fight. You must knock him out in this round. You must move forward. You have to throw punches in clusters, you have to throw combinations. Let your fucking hands go. You’re going to be world champion in five minutes. And then he gets up and leaves. And it was really straight out of the movie.

Watch the clip below:

Dana White reveals what Alex Pereira’s corner told her

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