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BERLIN (AP) – A German court ruled on Thursday that online retail giant Amazon must tell consumers the specific country of origin of the fresh fruits and vegetables it sells.

The Munich Regional Court dismissed Amazon’s appeal against a Lower Bavarian court ruling on the matter last year, which said the company must provide full details of the source of the products in order to protect consumers with transparent product information.

The case was the result of a lawsuit brought by consumer protection group Foodwatch.

In his ruling, Presiding Judge Andreas Mueller said that according to European Union regulations, consumers must be provided with specific details about the country of origin of foods, the dpa news agency reported.

This means, for example, that it was not acceptable for Amazon to sell grapes listing 13 possible countries of origin or to deliver mangoes grown in Israel when the website indicated that their country of origin was Senegal. , reported dpa.

Amazon told the court it had already adjusted its practices after the initial ruling last year.

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