Highlights: Pacquiao Boxing Fight Against Ugas 2021 | 08/22/2021

1:08 am 3 hours ago

Ugas retains the championship

1:06 am 3 hours ago

Keep your belt!

Yordenis Ugas continues to preserve his WBA Welterweight belt against boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in what could be the Filipinos’ last fight.

1:02 am 3 hours ago

12th round

Ugas gets the left-handed top and with ‘Manny’ put on a big closing show. The Filipino neglected his custody and granted himself several rights in this latest episode.

12:59 AM 3 hours ago

11th round

It looks like Ugas is starting to tighten up and swings the fight in his favor. Yordenis managed to handle the right handed punch and that will all be defined in the final episode.

12:53 AM 3 hours ago

10th round

The bell rings in the tenth episode. Pacquiao suffers the missile that Ugas has with his right hand and although the Filipino connects in front of the Cuban, he suffers at the last minute and finds himself on the ropes.

00:50 3 hours ago

9th round

At the end of the ninth round, Manny seems to be recovering and is energetic in the volume of punches. Ugas has visible injuries to the right eyebrow.

00:45 3 hours ago

8th round

Ugas connects with an overhand right to the Filipino, however, the Cuban ends up with a cut on his eyebrow. The fight is not looking for any fighter so far.

12:42 3 hours ago

7th round

Yordanis Ugas lands a left blow that covers Pacquiao’s face. Ugas takes the lead in this episode

12:37 AM3 hours ago

6th round

The fight is heating up! The fight becomes extremely even in the sixth round. Pacaquiao tries to tackle Ugas against the ropes but the Cuban is nimble with his right hand.

12:33 AM3 hours ago

5th round

Ugas’ poisonous forehand but the ‘Pacman’ does not want to leave anything to chance and does not give up the attack. Yordenis Ugas takes extraordinary care in his defense.

00:30 3 hours ago

4th round

Ugas manages several effective combinations but is deprived of a point for touching below the shortstop. The Cuban suffers a slip in the last third of the episode. 28-38 for pugilists

00:24 4 hours ago

3rd round

Pacquiao hits Ugas with a right hand but Yordanis connects with the Filipino’s face in the dying seconds of the third episode.

00:20 4 hours ago

2nd round

El cubano aprovecha su pegada recta y empareja Pacquiao’s proposal. Muy cerrado el dulo

00:16 4 hours ago

1st round

Pacquiao begins by offering the fight in front and puts Ugas on the ropes but with an effective combination, Ugas makes ‘Pacman’ slide across the canvas.

00:12 4 hours ago

First round

The first episode begins between the Cuban and the Filipino in what could be their fight for retirement.

00:08 4 hours ago

The protagonists come out

Ugas appears in the ring in a special white fur dress, while Manny appears in her shiny red dress.

00:01 4 hours ago

The Cuban anthem does not play

The program of the ceremony did not include the anthem of Yordenis Ugas.

23:58 4 hours ago

The stellar duel begins

The hymn of the Philippines is already playing, followed by the hymns of the USA and Cuba to continue with the presentation of the pugilists.

23:50 4 hours ago

Guerrero wins his fight

The duel between Guerrero and Ortiz ends in the agreed tenth episode. Robert Guerrero wins by unanimous decision.

23:21 5 hours ago

Guerrero vs. Ortiz

The fighters face off in a welterweight duel, Guerrero has a 20 knockout streak against Ortiz with 25.

22:58 5 hours ago

Pacquiao asked Marquez

Manny ‘Pacquiao said he asked his manager to face Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez once again, however, Marquez withdrew earlier than expected.

22:52 5 hours ago

Magsayo vs. KO

Mark Magsayo maintains undefeated record by beating Mexican Julio “Pollito” Ceja with huge knockout

22:37 5 hours ago

Mexican on the billboard

The Mexican Angel Contreras in the second fight of the evening which awaits the fight between Pacquiao and Ugas. The Mexican defeated John Dato by unanimous decision, leaving him undefeated.

22:32 5 hours ago

Ugas Earnings

Spence Jr., who is reportedly Pacman’s opponent, is set to earn a million and a half dollars. In any case, the Cuban, the WBA welterweight world champion, is expected to make nearly a million dollars just by going up to defend his belt, or at least close to a million dollars.

22: 275 hours ago

The fight has heated up

22:17 6 hours ago

Castro vs. Escandon

Carlos Castro wins by KO over Escandón in the final round of the WBC Americas continental featherweight title fight against Oscar Escandón.

22:12 6 hours ago

Not far to go

We are three qualifiers away from the luxury Pacquiao vs Ugas fight, stay tuned and know the results of these battles

22:02 6 hours ago

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21:57 6 hours ago

How to watch Pacquiao vs Ugas live on TV and online?

21:52 6 hours ago

What time is Pacquiao vs. Ugas for Boxing 2021?

21:47 6 hours ago


Bookmakers are leaning towards the experienced Pacquiao, even though the Filipino is seven years older than his opponent. The odds are estimated at -350 for Pacquiao against +250 for Ugas.

21:42 6 hours ago


It is estimated that the Filipino could pocket $ 25 million in this fight.

21:37 6 hours ago

Paquiao vs. Ugas

The Filipino had his last fight in which he won by split decision against Keith Thurman on July 19, 2019, while Ugas had it on July 20, 19 against Omar Jr Figueroa in 12 rounds, Ugas emerged victorious after 12 episodes by score.

21:32 6 hours ago

Fun fact

This fight was not planned as it will take place, in principle, ‘Pacman’ would hold the fight against Errol Spencer Jr, however, a back injury left him out of the fight. Ugas who was nominated for the main co-event decided to be Pacquiao’s challenger.

21:22 7 hours ago

Welterweight belt

The welterweight belt had been won by Pacman during his last fight against Keith Thurman, but as he did not face any boxer, the belt was given to the Cuban fighter who will have to expose it to be confirmed as the real holder.

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