“I really think it’s easier to switch from MMA to boxing” – Ex-UFC Champion Holly Holm talks about crossover fighters


Holly Holm enters the International Boxing Hall of Fame on June 12. The ‘Preacher’s Daughter’, who transitioned from boxing to a full-time MMA career in 2013, compiled a 33-2-3 record as a professional boxer over more than a decade in the ring winning titles in three different divisions. In short, the former UFC bantamweight champion knows a lot about boxing and mixed martial arts. And she has some ideas regarding the debate over what it means to be named “the best boxer in MMA”.

“I think people talk about some people’s boxing, but even boxing in MMA you are at longer range because you always have to worry about the kicks and there is always clinching to that,” Holm said. MMA Fight. “So you can pick up and throw punches. I just feel like it’s hard to say, “Oh, this person is the best boxer in MMA”. It’s really difficult.

“There are [fighters] they don’t mind trading and they focus more on their stand-up than their grappling, but when it comes to being the best boxer, it’s really hard to put a name on it. I’m even afraid to throw out some names right now because I could argue both sides. You have people who are sometimes harder to hit because they have a long range, but do they use their MMA stance to keep that range and still hit their shots? Like that is good boxing sense in MMA. But would it be the same if they were only in boxing? It’s hard to say.”

And while Holm could certainly make her own case to be named one of the top crosses across sport, given what she’s accomplished in both, it doesn’t look like she’s determined to name one. MMA fighter who she believes has the best punching skills inside the Octagon.

“A lot of these MMA fighters are into boxing because it’s part of mixed martial arts,” Holm said. “It’s an art that is part of mixed martial arts. But it’s still different if you compete with it. [People] always say what seems harder to you, boxing or MMA? Is it easier to switch from boxing to MMA or from MMA to boxing? I really think it’s easier to switch from MMA to boxing because you already have some knowledge of boxing because it’s part of MMA.

“To go from boxing to MMA, you only know boxing and suddenly you have to learn everything. Melee, ground play, wrestling, cage work, all that. Kicks, knees, elbows, everything. To go from MMA to boxing, you have at least some knowledge of boxing but it’s still different.

As Holm explains, it’s hard to really make the argument about who is or isn’t the best boxer in MMA a serious debate, just because of the number of other factors that come into play in a fight. mixed martial arts. The best talent inside the cage must adapt their skills to the competition. It’s hard to determine if this kind of work would really leave many of them to compete at a high level under the “Queensberry Rules” without actually seeing them fight each other in a pair of 10-ounce gloves.

Holm has been on the sidelines since defeating Irene Aldana in October 2020. The former champion was scheduled to face Norma Dumont in a featherweight match in October, but she has withdrawn from the fight due to injury. It is not yet known when she might be ready to return to competition.


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