Indigenous influencer speaks out on ‘debilitating pelvic pain’

Indigenous influencer Larissa Crawford opened up about her pelvic pain on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/larissa_speaks)

Larissa Crawford is determined to break the stigma.

Earlier this week, the mixed-race influencer took to Instagram to share an update with her 32,000 followers about her crippling pelvic pain.

In the Publishthe disability and anti-racism advocate shared a video of herself in a hospital receiving treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease. She filmed herself moved by her pain and showed fans inside the medical facility.

On screen, the 27-year-old typed a paragraph to explain to fans “what nine out of 10 pelvic pains without relief feels like” to her: “A serrated knife dragged inside the uterus. Ovaries are squeezed until they burst. Reliving my most sexual injury traumatizing every time I have to give my full medical history Guilt for not being able to parent, work Grief for what is happening to my body.

The Calgary, Alta., native also explained that due to the stigma surrounding “debilitating pelvic pain,” women with the condition often don’t speak up.

“Keep space for us to name it and ask what we need for accommodation,” she said. added to encourage its subscribers to receive the care and support they deserve.

In the legendthe influencer revealed more details about her condition and her “basic daily pain”.

“I have chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic floor dysfunction…” she said. Explain. “My baseline daily pain is five to six out of 10, with irregular flare-ups at eight out of 10 pain. It’s been my routine for four years now.”

Crawford then reminded her followers to stand up for their health and find support.

“…Believe women and people with wombs when we say we have pelvic pain, and understand how debilitating it can be…Due to stigma and other barriers, we often don’t share not the pain we feel until it becomes too debilitating to ignore,” she said. wrote.

“…Keep space for us to name this pain and how it affects our abilities, and ask what we need for accommodations. space/relationship more accessible to you?'” Crawford suggested.

Larissa Crawford has been suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease for some time.  (Photo via Instagram/larissa_speaks)

Larissa Crawford has been suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease for some time. (Photo via Instagram/larissa_speaks)

In the comments, fans were quick to support the influencer and wish her better days.

“Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, and I know your words will help so many people who are going through similar situations.” commented a follower.

“Keep defending yourself. Send hugs”, share someone else.

“The medical gaslighting that happens to women, especially women of color, is absolutely horrendous. Sending you so much love and hugs. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this,” wrote someone else.

“Thank you for showing what this experience is like. I’m so sorry you’re going through it. Sending so much love.” added another one.

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