Info on Canada’s First All-Female MMA League PAWFC

The Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship – Canada’s first all-female MMA league – bowed out this month in an effort to elevate female fighters to the highest level.

In a world dominated by male competitors – aside from a few names like Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey – the new venture presents a great opportunity to showcase the best professional MMA fighters from Canada and beyond.

The PAWFC hierarchy, led by Executive Director Jennica Wheeler, wants to provide a stage where women can thrive and earn lots of money that they can often miss out on when it comes to other organizations.

They hope to raise the level of competition by attracting the best talent from around the world to battle it out and their first event, held at the Gray Eagle Center in Calgary last week, started that process.

Opening Night Action

It turned out that there were six fights on Saturday January 15th in what is called the PAWFC Strawweight Championship, and here are the results:

Laura Fontoura defeats Andy Nguyen Submarine, 2:44 R4

Dakota Ditcheva defeats Simone Da Silva KO/TKO, 3:43 R2

Melissa Croden defeats Jackie MacLean Submarine, 3:59 R1

Alana Cook defeats Mr. Turcotte-Novosedlik Submarine, 4:23 R1

Maria Djukic defeats Clara Ricignuolo Dec. split

Mr. Marconetto defeats Stephanie Essensa Unanimous Dec

UFC veteran, former Invictas FC champion Sarah Kaufman looked set to headline the card, but her opponent Claudia Leire had to pull out, with PAWFC releasing a statement ahead of the night’s action:

“The PAWFC management team deeply regrets to inform our audience that our headliner, between Sarah Kaufman and Claudia Leire, has been removed. We know this information is disappointing, but we look forward to all the other fights. amazing events that we have planned for the afternoon and evening.

Sarah wins the bantamweight title of the world and she now looks forward to the next event and the challengers who will come forward to compete against her for the title.

In the end, opening night’s explosive women’s MMA action was entertaining thanks to a mix of results to whet the appetite for more – much to the delight of event and battle manager, Charmaine Tweet.

The evening’s action was also streamed online and covered by guest announcer Felicia Spencer.

Putting women first

Tweet and Wheeler are hoping their new line-up can be rounded out and bolstered by Pallas Athena’s attraction – and the official site explains in more detail what exactly that entails.

It says“The Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship (PAWFC) is the first of its kind created for women, featuring the best professional mixed martial artists from Western Canada and the world! PAWFC’s goal is to promote women in sport and build a better industry for future athletes.

“Pallas Athena is the goddess of wisdom, crafts and warfare, who is the embodiment and spirit of an MMA fighter. If you have a fighter’s spirit, we invite you to step forward as a that warrior in the palladium (AKA the cage) to fight.

“Among soldiers and sages, she was implacable. No attempt could stop this girl woven of bronze and ink. They called her Athena.

A pretty impressive hook for any budding female MMA star, then.

The organization promises to deliver a competitive event and showcase the best professional MMA fighters from around the world and is expected to become the #1 women’s MMA league in North America.

Female MMA fighters campaign for better payouts (source:

Well-deserved compensation

PAWFC has also expressed their position that fighter compensation, especially for female fighters, needs to be improved at all levels of MMA and they aim to do so.

They report that they are currently working on setting up significant sponsorship deals to help rookie fighters new to the industry with the cost of training and travel.

They added: “We want athletes to be fairly compensated inside and outside the ring. That means above-average pay, attendance bonuses, and content ownership. In addition to remuneration, there is freedom vis-à-vis sponsors and brand image. We believe this produces a better and healthier fighter.

Who else is behind the PAWFC?

In addition to General Manager Jennica Wheeler and Event/Combat Manager Charmaine Tweet, the organization’s two top executives include a former cage fighter turned industry leader and a businessman with a background in in the armed forces.

CHAIR: Clayton Belitski

  • Started cage fighting in the mid 20’s
  • Fought for free because it was his passion
  • Had to support his family during training
  • Set up a mission to sponsor fighters in order to focus on their game without external worries


  • Martial arts student from an early age
  • Former member of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Successful oil/gas businessman
  • Turning her business acumen to PAWFC to make it the No. 1 ranked women’s league

MMA in Canada

MMA was considered illegal in Canada until 2010/2011 when the Ontario government announced that it would allow professional mixed martial arts in the province.

Suddenly, this announcement paved the way for UFC 129 to hold its event in Toronto and spawn the development of Canadian fights which have continued to grow ever since. Now, PAWFC hopes to become the biggest for women’s arm.

MMA is now massively popular in Canada not just for competition, but for watching and playing – and some are Fansbet, 888Sport, William Hill, among others.

Betting on MMA is commonplace. Usually a bettor would place bets on how many rounds the fight will go on before the winner is determined. For example, for a three-round fight, plus/minus 1.5 and 2.5 are usually set.

The unpredictable nature of MMA, however, means it can be difficult to bet on the outcome, but with more and more upheaval, the sport is ideal for those willing to take the risk.

And now the PAWFC can deliver another great show to enjoy.

by Nathan Auty

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