Irish boxing champions Amy Broadhurst and Lisa O’Rourke receive cash prize five months after winning world gold

Amy Broadhurst and Lisa O’Rourke finally received their prize money of $100,000 (€102,855) each for winning gold medals at the World Boxing Championships in Istanbul last May.

or the first time, the International Boxing Association has offered cash prizes to all medalists in the elite women’s championships. But concerns had been raised over the delay in processing his transfer to the Boxers.

The IBA has always insisted that several procedural issues must be resolved before boxers can be paid. An IBA spokesperson confirmed that the money has now been transferred.

In an interview published on the IBA website, Broadhurst said she was using the prize money to help buy her first home.

“I bought my first house with this prize money. Owning a home at my age is a great achievement, and I’m very proud of it. I’ll also go shopping, but other than that, the rest will go into my savings.

Broadhurst and the rest of Ireland’s elite women’s squad, including Olympic champion Kellie Harrington, are in Budva Montenegro awaiting tonight’s draw for the elite Women’s European Championship.

Boxing starts tomorrow. Lisa O’Rourke misses the event with a thumb injury.

Broadhurst, 25, is aiming for a unique hat trick, having won gold medals at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games this year. “It’s been the best year of my life,” she told the website.

Trained by her father Tony, along with her three brothers, she has been involved in boxing all her life.

“I started at the Dealgan boxing club in my home town. When I started it was run down, very small, and there were no facilities for women. But as I grew and more and more women started boxing, facilities were added. And also the boxing hall is getting bigger.

His favorite boxer is Canelo Alvarez and his in-ring nickname is “Baby Canelo”.

But her role model is professional world champion Katie Taylor, who she fought with in the United States before Taylor’s Madison Square Garden showdown against Amanda Serrano in April.

“I always wanted to be like her. I learned a lot from her. She is amazing and, in my opinion, the best boxer of all time.

Broadhurst’s body is adorned with tattoos, his favorites being the depiction of a lion on his shoulder and the inscription “fall down seven, get up eight” on his arm.

“The lion represents courage, strength and royalty. And the other tattoo means a lot to me because I’ve been through a lot of tough times, especially in boxing.

She is the big favorite to win the gold medal in the light welterweight division in Montenegro, but this weight class is not on the Paris 2024 Olympic program.

She must choose between 60 kg, which is Kellie Harrington’s weight class, or 66 kg to achieve her life’s dream of competing in the Olympics.

“I would have liked 64kg to be added to the Olympics rather than 66kg. I think it’s crazy that there are only two weights above 60kg but four weight categories between 50kg and 60kg.

She hopes boxing will be reinstated on the Olympic program for the 2028 Games.

“Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the Olympics, and it would be a shame to see it taken out. It’s the dream of many children, to reach the Olympics, and if it is removed from the Olympics , I fear for amateur boxing.

Meanwhile, Russian IBA President Umar Kremlev has called on the International Olympic Committee to allow all athletes to compete in the Paris Games. The participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the Paris Games is seriously threatened due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, the IBA controversially lifted its ban on boxers from the two counties competing in international tournaments.

In a statement, Kremlev said: “The sports world is blocked by politicians and, unfortunately, is losing its autonomy. There should not be political games behind the backs of athletes. This is dangerous for the future of the sport. sport.

“The IOC must rectify the situation immediately. All athletes should be given the green light, because they are not guilty of anything.

Realistically, the chances of the IOC hearing Kremlev’s appeal are zero, not least because he was recently photographed in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, days after Russian missiles destroyed a sports complex in Ukraine. which hosted the 2017 European Boxing Championships.

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