Israel Adesanya thinks it’s silly that people think he became a champion with only his kickboxing; inspired by Francis Ngannou

Israel Adesanya has hit back at those who claim his status as a UFC champion is overly dependent on his kickboxing experience and impeccable all-around punching skills.

Speaking to Fox Sports Australia’s Niko Pajarillo, Adesanya recalled his friend – renowned striker and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou – using wrestling to beat Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 in January. On that note, he pointed out that he draws inspiration from Ngannou.

Naja stand up! HE DID IT ! @Stylebender finishes Whittaker in round 2! wow! #UFC243

Adesanya has hinted that he intends to show off his clinching, grappling and MMA skills in his upcoming rematch against Robert Whittaker. When asked if he intends to do this to prove to the world that he is superior in all facets of the MMA game, “The Last Stylbender” said:

“No. To prove to myself. And I even take inspiration from someone like Francis; over the weekend, down two to zero, had to rally the next three laps to retain his belt. And he l ‘did with wrestling; something no one’s ever seen [from him] before.”

The 32-year-old added:

“That’s really stupid. I think it’s silly because people think, ‘Okay, you’re a kickboxer. You are an attacker, this and that. If you think that’s all it takes to become UFC world champion, how come all these boxers, how come all these kickboxers aren’t UFC world champions just do that ? No. You have to learn all aspects of the game. That’s why I humbled myself to learn jiu-jitsu, wrestling… I know this game very well, and I think it’s really stupid that people think I’m not. not, and think something made me dance.

Watch Israel Adesanya’s full interview with Fox Sports Australia below:

Michael Bisping on weaknesses Robert Whittaker may have spotted in Israel Adesanya game

Speaking to his YouTube channel, Michael Bisping spoke about the alleged weaknesses in Israel Adesanya’s MMA skills that Robert Whittaker recently alluded to. The former UFC champion believes ‘The Reaper’ intends to follow Jan Blachowicz’s fight plan to beat Adesanya.

Adesanya was beaten in the center of the octagon and defeated by unanimous decision when he moved up in weight to face UFC light heavyweight champion Blachowicz last March.

According to ‘The Count’:

“He talks about takedowns in the middle of the octagon. That’s what I really think. Because, against the fence, it’s easier to defend the takedown… There are often hours and hours and hours of drilling against the fence, against a wall, drilling your takedown defense. Especially when you’re the middleweight champion and you’re a fantastic kickboxer, people are going to knock you down.

Watch Michael Bisping’s full take on Adesanya vs. Whittaker 2 below:

Israel Adesanya defeated Robert Whittaker via second-round knockout in their first fight at UFC 243 in October 2019. Their rematch will see UFC middleweight champion Adesanya put his title on the line against Whittaker in the UFC 271 on February 12.

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