Jackie Chan had ‘no questions’ admitting Bruce Lee, called the ‘father of mixed martial arts’ by Dana White, would beat him in a one-on-one battle

Hollywood stars Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are known for their profound display of mixed martial arts in their movies. Hong Kong-based star Chan, who considers ‘Little Phoenix’ his idol, picked who would win a martial arts contest in a hypothetical fight.


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Martial arts have a very rich history. Also, it has multiple categories from striking forms to grappling and submission arts. Although initially he was not popular with the general public, one man who contributed significantly to raising awareness in the United States and around the world for martial arts was – Bruce Lee.


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Jackie Chan followed in the footsteps of “Little Dragon”. So, these two have played a part in showing the art of combat to people in a never-before-seen way through their films. Since both are martial arts pioneers, their fans often wonder who would get ahead of the other if they fought?

In an interview with TMZ, a reporter asked Jackie Chan, “Jackie, at your peak against Bruce Lee – Who would win?”

The humble star replied without hesitation, “Bruce Lee.”

The quick response shocked the reporter, and they asked, “Really?”

The Drunken Master star confirmed and said: “Yes.”

Yet the reporter asked again, “No questions?”

But the Never Grow Up author stuck to his original idea and said: “No questions.”


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These two shared the screen when Bruce Lee was a big name star and Jackie Chan worked as a stuntman in films such as the 1973 movie – Enter The Dragon.

Dana White called Bruce Lee the father of mixed martial arts

UFC President Dana White is a tough guy to impress. In 2020, the longtime UFC promoter called Bruce Lee the “father of mixed martial arts” for his contributions to the growth of martial arts in the 70s.


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Speaking of Bruce Lee’s popularity in the current era, White said: “It’s 2020, the guy died in the early 70s. Every kid on the planet still knows who Bruce Lee is.

White believed the UFC had taken the momentum from the work of Bruce Lee in the 70s, which elevated the sport of martial arts.

“He was part of evolution and he was the father of mixed martial arts,” Dana White hailed Bruce Lee.


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