Jake Paul drops out of fight with Tommy Fury, but will he face Hasim Rahman Jr. to keep the fight alive?

Image Credit: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Jake Paul is tired of Tommy Fury, as ‘The Problem Child’ dropped out of their scheduled August 6 fight against ‘TNT’. The younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was unable to obtain a visa to the United States for planned publicity activities. Now Paul is moving on to keep the fight alive.

The new opponent has been announced: Hasim Rahman, Jr.

“Fury has received notice of termination,” Paul said Wednesday. “(Most Valuable Promotions) did everything they could to help him and his team. He wasn’t interested and he literally went into hiding.

“Second time in a row, he withdrew. 2nd time in a row “I will step up and face a new opponent in a short time.”

Fury claims he was blindsided by US Homeland Security’s decision not to allow him into the United States and offered to move the fight to another jurisdiction that will let him into his country.

“This is something that neither myself nor my team could have foreseen. This situation has been left to my lawyers as being denied entry to a country is obviously a very serious matter and it must be resolved by the following.

“I want to make it clear that I will be fighting in a neutral country that both sides can enter. It can be anytime, anywhere, anywhere.

It is widely believed that the Fury family’s relationship with wanted man Daniel Kinahan is the reason Tommy Fury was denied a US travel visa. At the end of June, Fury’s older brother was reportedly arrested as he tried to board his flight from the UK to the US by immigration officers. Tyson Fury has been visible with Kinahan throughout his career.

Daniel Kinahan was the reported former owner of MTK Global, a combat sports organization that held the reins of some of the most important careers in professional combat. The US government had issued a $5 million reward for his capture and sanctions against any US company doing business with him.

According to the US State Department, Kinahan heads the Kinahan Transnational Criminal Organization (KTCO), which was established in Dublin, Ireland, by Christopher Vincent Kinahan in the 1990s.

Over time, Christopher Vincent incorporated his two sons, Daniel Joseph and Christopher Jr., into his notorious criminal organization.

The US State Department alleges that after becoming Ireland’s most powerful organized crime group, the KTCO began distributing South American cocaine and heroin in Ireland and later in the UK and Continental Europe.

As long as Kinahan is on the run, the United States is unlikely to reverse its position on the Furys.

Now Paul will face Hasim Rahman, Jr., aka “Gold Blooded”, son of former two-time world heavyweight champion, Hasim Rahman, Sr. Young Rahman is a heavyweight with a lot more experience than Paul with a 12-1 record. Rahman suffered his first loss in April to James McKenzie Morrison via fifth-round TKO.

Paul (5-0) was looking to face a real boxer for the first time in his short fighting career after defeating Youtuber, former basketball player Nate Robinson, and two former mixed martial arts champions in Ben “Funky” Askren and Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley twice.

The event will be Paul’s first fight in the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, and his second promotion inside the building. Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions co-promoted the now legendary Amanda Serrano vs. Katie Taylor fight.

With the fight date fast approaching, Paul now has his back against the ropes against a taller and considerably more experienced opponent while trying to continue making history.

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