Jake Paul rematch against Tyron Woodley confirmed after Tommy Fury retired

Source: Most interesting promotions

Jake Paul confirmed on Monday that his fight with Tommy Fury was called off due to Fury’s withdrawal from the fight just two weeks ahead of the scheduled date of December 18. Instead, the YouTuber-turned-professional boxer will take on Tyron Woodley, whom Paul beat in a professional boxing match in August 2021.

According to Jake Paul’s video on the matter, Fury cited a health issue as the reason for his removal, with Paul claiming that Fury felt the biggest sack of his life with the cancellation.

“I am disappointed but not surprised,” Paul said in a statement to Most Valuable Promotions. “Tyson Fury himself retired from 5 fights. Remember Timmy didn’t show up at the press conference either. Tommy Fumbles officially missed the biggest payday of his life. Tyron steps in and this times, I will punish him and leave no doubt.

Tyrone Woodley had reportedly already trained for a potential fight with Paul, and was therefore ready to take on the Cruiserweight fight at short notice. Paul said he was offering Woodley a bonus of $ 500,000 if he could take him out at the upcoming event. The fight will still take place on December 18 starting at 6:00 p.m. PT in Tampa, Fla.

Tyrone Woodley requested a rematch shortly after the first fight with Paul. Paul would only agree to fight him again if Woodley got a “I love Jake Paul” tattoo, which Woodley finally agreed to, getting a tattoo on his middle finger. Woodley has been a professional MMA fighter since 2009. He went 19-7-1 and held the UFC welterweight championship from July 2016 to March 2019, defending the belt four times in a row. His only boxing match was his loss to Jake Paul.

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