Kamaru Usman thinks Colby Covington knockout at Masvidal would add to championship legacy


Sitting at the stage at Madison Square Garden for Thursday’s UFC 268 final press conference, Kamaru Usman had had enough.

The welterweight champion heard the ultra personal shots thrown at him by Colby Covington and ultimately delivered his strongest reaction yet.

“As a competitor I love what he brings to the table,” Usman said. “He’s pushing me and I expect that from him.” But as a person, it’s a piece of s—. I can’t believe his dad let him put this character on.

Usman swears he’s not just thinking about finishing Covington in that grudge match on Saturday night like he did with Jorge Masvidal with his biggest knockout yet at UFC 261 in April. But such a resounding knockout of Covington would certainly add to his legacy as a fighting champion, giving him his fifth straight title defense. And more, if you let Usman say it.

“For me personally, that’s not where I feel,” Usman told DAZN of the knockout hunt only. “But that will only improve (my heritage).

“I want to do a big gap to really let people know that No. 1 – he’s the greatest pound-for-pound fighter right now and could potentially be the greatest UFC fighter or MMA fighter we’ve ever seen,” he said. he continued. . “I definitely want to create that gap and I think another finish like this – an exciting finish like this – is definitely going to put a distance between me and the others.”

Usman is leading an 18-game winning streak in MSG, after destroying Covington, Gilbert Burns and Masvidal (twice). Three of those victories came by the finish. In Usman’s eyes, Covington more than deserved a similar savage treatment. Usman understands Covington’s need to create the MAGA character he created for himself. But in shooting his family, as Covington spat Thursday, “The Nigerian Nightmare” thinks of the sheer violence in the Octagon on Saturday night.

“He did what he had to do to make himself relevant, to be noticed, to be recognized,” Usman reflected of the character Covington designed. “It has nothing to do with me. It’s the path he chose to take. I’m sitting in the position he would like to be – who is the undisputed pound-for-pound champion of the world. feeling like he’s behaving that way, creating that character is the only way he’s relevant.

Corn everything you say about me, I always said, “he added,”can and will be used against you when you step into that octagon with me. “

Usman pushed Covington on their face-off after the press conference. He swears a lot worse when the two are locked in the Octagon for the second time in about two years.

“I could break someone’s face for real. You don’t want to miss this.

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