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The WWE Cruiserweight Championship was starting to lose its luster by the time the title retired in 2007. The Championship was a permanent fixture during the best part of five years that featured heavily on the World Cup. Smack down Mark. WWE’s predecessor, the Light Heavyweight Championship, was a failure. But the Cruiserweight Championship did a little better.

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Ultimately, the Cruiserweight division became one of the best things about SmackDown with the fast-paced wrestling style that was on display. Unfortunately, the Cruiserweight Championship did not have a positive end and the magic of the division had waned a long time ago. Nonetheless, the last 10 Cruiserweight Championship holders have had mixed success with the Championship with memorable and forgettable title reigns.

This listing will not reflect the NXT Cruiserweight title, which was also known as the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

ten Hornswoggle


It became very clear in 2007 that the Cruiserweight Championship was no longer going to receive the respect it deserved. AT The great American coup, Chavo Guerrero defended the title in a Cruiserweight Open. Before the bell rang, Hornswoggle appeared in the ring and ran away.

Hornswoggle reappeared in the finals, and he humiliated Jamie Noble by pinning him for the title. It was a shocking moment, which spelled the end of the Cruiserweight Championship. Hornswoggle was the last and youngest Cruiserweight Champion in history, but the title was canceled in September.

9 Kid kash

Kid kash

Kid Kash joining WWE in the summer of 2005 was a welcome addition to the Cruiserweight division. Kash was a tiny character but he certainly packed a punch, making up for his small size. AT Armageddon, Kash performed his breathtaking Dead Level on Juventud to capture the Cruiserweight Championship.

Kash could have had a long run with the title, but for some reason it just didn’t work out for him in WWE. He dropped the Cruiserweight Championship a month later to Gregory Helms in the Cruiserweight Open in 2006 Royal rumble.

8 Nunzio


Nunzio made a name for himself in the ECW as Little Guido, but once he joined WWE he ran his mouth a lot as the leader of the whole-blooded Italians. Nonetheless, Nunzio had two forgettable reigns as Cruiserweight Champion in 2005. Nunzio defeated Paul London for the title in an episode of Speed in August for his first round with the championship.

He held the title for 63 days before losing the title to Juventud in Without mercy. However, Nunzio reclaimed the title during a House Show in front of fans in his hometown in Rome, Italy. Nunzio did nothing to elevate the championship, with Juventud taking back the title a week later at SmackDown in Sheffield, England.

7 Funaki


Funaki was a member of Kai En Tai during the Attitude Era, and he had a comedic run alongside Taka Michinoku. Nonetheless, Funaki remained in WWE and had a stint as the number one announcer on SmackDown, where he would engage in behind-the-scenes interviews.

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However, at Armageddon 2004, Funaki defeated Spike Dudley for the Cruiserweight Championship, which came out of nowhere. Funaki wasn’t a big Cruiserweight champion, but he deserved a brief run with gold given his time in WWE. His race lasted two months, with Chavo Guerrero winning once again in a Cruiserweight Open at No Exit 2005.

6 Juventud


Sadly, Juventud’s move to WWE was a disappointment. Juice had a lot of issues behind the scenes which is why their run didn’t last as long as expected. Nonetheless, Juventud is one of the best Cruiserweights of all time, and he has managed to become a two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

The Cruiserweight Championship was like a hot potato, and Juvy traded the title with Nunzio on several occasions. Juventud were at times quite reckless in the ring which ultimately led to their abrupt departure. Kid Kash completed his second Cruiserweight Championship reign at Armageddon 2005 with the reigns of Juve for 58 days.

5 Rey mysterio


No man has won the Cruiserweight Championship more times than Rey Mysterio across WCW and WWE, which is a magnificent achievement. The Ultimate Underdog is an eight-time Cruiserweight Champion overall, but his last reign with the title was one of his weakest.

Mysterio defeated Chavo Classic for the Cruiserweight title in June 2004, but it was not a race to remember by any stretch of the imagination. A rejuvenated Spike Dudley, with whom Mysterio partnered sporadically, defeated him a month later on July 29 to become the new Cruiserweight champion.

4 Paul London

Paul London

Paul London will be best remembered for his long WWE Tag Team Championship run with Brian Kendrick and for his backstage smile during a Mr. McMahon segment. Not a smart move, but London actually captured Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Championship in an eight-man Battle Royal on SmackDown before WrestleMania 21.

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There is no denying that London had untapped potential, but he was not afraid to speak to Mr McMahon. The highlight of London’s forgettable Cruiserweight title race was that he retained the title against Chavo at Judgment Day 2005. His reign lasted a respectable 127 days, but it could have been longer if he had adhered to McMahon’s reasoning to ban certain moves.

3 Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero

There is something about Chavo Guerrero and No Exit it goes hand in hand. Chavo won the Cruiserweight Championship at No Way Out three times in four years between 2004-2007. Ultimately, Chavo’s last two reigns with the Cruiserweight title were average for his standards.

Guerrero recovered gold at No Exit 2005 but his reign only lasted a month with Paul London ending his run in a Battle Royal. Additionally, Chavo was the penultimate Cruiserweight Champion, but he only kept it once in pay-per-view against Jimmy Wang Yang at Vengeance: Night of Champions. Chavo deserved to step down as the final Cruiserweight champion instead of Hornswoggle, which summed up the sad state of affairs for the Cruiserweight title in his final months.

2 Spike dudley

Spike dudley

In March 2004, Spike Dudley needed a change of scenery, which certainly happened when he was drafted from Gross at SmackDown. Spike was one of the few talents to benefit from the draft, as he quickly won the Cruiserweight Championship from Rey Mysterio.

Spike showed him a side that had never been seen before as he became leader of the Dudley Boyz as “The Boss.” Spike’s run as the heel crossweight champion was underrated and he led his brothers to victory in a six-man tag team match at Slam summer. Spike had decent matches and held the title for 135 days, which was the best championship run of his WWE career.

1 Gregory Helms


The Cruiserweight Championship started to flounder for a few years, but Gregory Helms saved the championship. In 2006 Royal rumble, there was a Cruiserweight Open for current and former Cruiserweight champions. Helms represented Raw, but he was eligible to participate in the game.

Helms shocked the world when he won his third Cruiserweight Championship under a third different character. Helms moved to SmackDown and his heel run was one of the best jobs of his career. Ultimately Helms’ Cruiserweight Championship reign lasted 384 days, but sadly the Cruiserweight title waned when he dropped the title to Chavo Guerrero at No Exit 2007.

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