Letter to the editor: Stefanik voted against our interests | Letters


Hello, Élise. Why did you vote against your constituents? Why did you and all Republicans vote against the US bailout? The vast majority of Americans strongly favor it, but not you and your ilk.

Most Americans are already receiving the $ 1,400 checks promised by Trump but have failed to deliver them. Elise voted against. Most of the people who don’t receive the checks are the same people who benefited from Trump’s $ 2 trillion tax cut for the rich.

If you have dependent children, you will benefit from a significant child tax credit. Elise didn’t want you to get these tax credits.

Did you lose your job during the pandemic? Elise opposes decent unemployment benefits, but she wants you to pay taxes on unemployment benefits.

Are troubled small businesses trying to stay afloat by benefiting from the paycheck protection program? Elise also tells you no.

Elise wants schools to reopen, but apparently doesn’t want to pay to help them reopen safely.

If you’re lucky enough to have student loans canceled, Elise wants to make sure you have to pay taxes on what gets canceled.

Other arrangements Elise opposed would help families cover heating and cooling costs, increase SNAP food assistance to women and children, support nutrition programs for the elderly, help struggling restaurants , And much more.

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