Luke Rockhold says he’s rejected by top 10 at 185: ‘Everyone just apologizes’


Luke Rockhold needs an opponent for his return to the Octagon but can’t seem to find one.

The former UFC middleweight champion hasn’t competed since his last appearance at UFC 239, where he made his light heavyweight debut and was knocked out by Jan Blachowicz in the second round of their fight. At that point, Rockhold considered a potential retirement from competition, decided against it, and worked to restore his body to pristine condition in preparation for his return.

Rockhold recently gave fans an update on what he’s been up to in his spare time as well as the issues he faces – and still is – facing in terms of getting an opponent to fight him.

“I feel good,” Rockhold told Mike Swick on the Really quick with Mike Swick Podcast. “I took a little time to get back in order. I have had quite a few surgeries and have been able to navigate the waters and feel great. I just give a little time to make myself [and] organize life, business and live. It’s hard to live when you’re in a fight. I got everything out of my system and am trying to get this fire back and smash some heads.

Rockhold then revealed that he is currently walking around 205 pounds, which is where he feels most comfortable, but not the weight he plans to return to. He will resume his fighting career at 185 pounds.

While everything else is in place for Rockhold to return, there is one thing missing. He needs an opponent, but is apparently rejected by some of the biggest names in the division.

“It’s really about fighting someone who is going to fight,” Rockhold said. “I need to find a top 10 guy who is ready to fire and ready to fight. There have already been several people in the top 10 who explain why they don’t want to fight against me. It’s just like, who the [expletive] are you refusing the fight? Where is your right and what do you think you have?

“My last fight is against Yoel Romero who lacks weight for a world title in Perth two and a half years ago. So, I left the standings but I didn’t really leave the standings. I’m still there as much as I want to be and everyone knows who I am and what I can do, and I think everyone is just making excuses as to why they don’t want to fight me right now. We searched the list and tried to find something believable, something fun, something exciting.

Rockhold went on to state that he wanted to have a fight that was both exciting and sane in what could possibly be another championship race.

“I’m not going to fight just anybody. I want something that excites me, that excites the fans, and that has a little bit of momentum. Something that makes a little sense. I want to come back and I want to do it right. ”

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