Mark O. Madsen is all about commitment

At 37, Madsen knows he doesn’t have long to chase the belt, and with a family of four to consider, moving to a new continent took many conversations. Eventually, the Madsen family decided to become adopted Arizonans for the next two years.

“It was a decision to go 100% or just retire, honestly,” Madsen told “I don’t do things by halves. I’m all about commitment. I love going there 100%, and that was the conversation we had – whether or not to go all out or call it a day. We had an interesting conversation, and I mean, the weather here in Scottsdale, the personalities and the things they did here made it an easy choice.

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Fight Ready MMA — through Cejudo’s streak bringing top talent to the wasteland — has cultivated a reputation for honing fighters’ skills in a way that brings heaps of results.

Madsen, who proudly won a silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics, enjoys this kind of high-level sporting environment, as well as the coaching staff that includes Santino Defranco, Eddie Cha and Angel Cejudo. He highlights their “holistic” approach to MMA, from their cinematic study and technical teachings to their use of sports science throughout a training camp.

“When you walk in the door and say, ‘Hey, I want to win a UFC belt,’ they’re like, ‘OK, we’ve already done that. We know what it takes,” Madsen said. “It’s about whether I’m ready to invest the commitment I need to be successful. I’m all about commitment. I make that commitment by moving my family here. Not just during fight camp, but I want to stay here 24/7. I want to learn. I want to evolve every day with these guys. There’s a very specific plan on which fighter I have to evolve to in order for me to get that UFC gold. So, I’m pretty excited to be here, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to be.

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