Midnight madness! Nate Diaz plays matchmaker, book Chimaev vs. McGregor

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It can come as a major shock, but Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor are still arguing on social media. Before jumping into their latest trade, a bit of background: Diaz has made it clear recently that he has little to no interest in fighting a UFC “rookie” like Khamzat Chimaev. When McGregor’s recent quote about his excitement about competing again spread today, Diaz kindly offered to play the role of matchmaker for his potential rival and foe.

“Let him fight the kamrat,” Diaz tweeted of McGregor. “It will be a big fight to do. He needs a new guy who is easy to fight anyway, he can go back and see if he can still fight at all.

McGregor answered the call by responding “No problem, bitch.”

Soon after, Chimaev – fresh out of his own Twitter attack on Diaz – joined the fray, apparently okay with the game.

In response, Diaz wrote, “It’s gonna be a good fight, good luck to both of you and stay safe there, I need you two healthy, strong little female dogs for this one.”

Otherwise, Diaz and McGregor swapped beards one last time, and that’s the conclusion of this week’s Mac vs. Diaz madness episode!

The only real new question here: is there any chance the UFC will reserve McGregor against Chimaev?


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Sleep well fools! The madness of martial arts is still going on.

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