Miesha Tate blames Ladd’s trainer for deleted tweet


UFC women’s bantamweight Miesha Tate continued his feud with Aspen Ladd coach Jim West, holding him “responsible” for a tweet he deleted during their exchange.

Their animosity began after last weekend’s failed clash between Ladd and Macy Chiasson. After the fight was postponed earlier in the year due to an injury for Chiasson, the UFC booked the game for UFC Vegas 38. This time the fight fell through due to downsizing issues. familiar weights for Ladd’s return.

Originally weighing 141.5 pounds, the 26-year-old picked up the scale without clothes and with the use of a rag to hide it as she attempted to gain weight. Although he eventually went over the bantamweight limit by a pound, the visual of Ladd shaking and struggling to raise his arms was ominous and naturally led to the fight being taken off the map.

After his latest weight loss, Ladd came under criticism from many fighters and fans, including Miesha Tate. “Cupcake” accused the No. 3 ranked female bantamweight of cheating on the scales, suggesting she actually weighed over 137 pounds.

In response, Ladd’s trainer called Tate a “coward” and challenged the veteran to try and gain weight under the same conditions as his fighter. Further in the exchange, West announced that the 35-year-old apparently lied about a fight with Ladd. The outspoken coach deleted the tweet shortly after posting it.

The deleted tweet saw West accusing the former champion of lying about Ladd’s team demands for a late-notice fight, likely referring to UFC Vegas 32. After Ladd’s initial fight failed against Chiasson in July, the Californian called Tate and encouraged her to take a second fight in two weeks. Although she suggested she had considered it, Tate cited the shortly before weigh-in day as a reason for not intervening.

According to his own “inside information,” West alleges that Tate did not want to fight such a tough opponent as Ladd, and fabricated heavy bogus claims to hide his reluctance.

“Miesha Tate, you are a coward,” West wrote. “You remember when you lied that we wanted you to fight with late notice at 145, but you said publicly that we wanted it at 135 and we know for a fact that you said you didn’t want such a tough opponent. ? Believe me, I have good inside information.

Although she attempted to erase the tweet from the record, the former 135-pound UFC Queen had the means to capture the post in case West followed in Conor McGregor’s “tweet and deletion” trail. She responded to the deleted post by flipping the script over and suggesting that West is the real coward.

“Speaking of cowards. @ Jwestgold15 deletes his tweet luckily I’m not a rookie so here’s a screenshot to hold him accountable.

What do you think of Miesha Tate’s continued animosity with Aspen Ladd’s coach?

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