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Shawn Miller, center, makes his professional debut Saturday night at Southside Rumble 6 as the main event inside the W.Va. National Guard Armory. He is pictured here after his win at Parkersburg Toughman this summer. (Photo provided)

PARKERSBURG – Boxers have only one chance for their professional debut and Shawn Miller is hoping to make the most of his Saturday night at Southside Rumble 6.

Miller, who works as a mechanic at the Parkersburg Utility Board and is nicknamed Little Hammer, will be the main event on the 16-fight card expected by Dawghouse Promotions when he takes on Ohio’s Andre Donovan inside the W.Va. National Guard Armory.

“Well I won two (Parkersburg) Toughmans and thought I would turn pro to get a better competition and try to make some money I guess” admitted the 23-year-old. “I feel pretty confident. I trained my butt for this. I probably trained harder for this than any of them.

Miller’s dad, Donnie, will be around the corner and the youngest Miller has said he has had over 50 amateur fights.

“I don’t know anything about him really” Miller said of Donovan, who is also making his professional debut in the scheduled four round. “We found a few videos that dated back to 2019, but he did Golden Gloves.

“It should be a pretty good fight. I am the tallest. He is 5 feet 3 inches and I am 5-8. Fighting smaller guys is easier I think because you can sit outside of them and see their punches coming.

Waiting all day and most of the evening before stepping into the ring because the main event will also be a new experience.

“Me personally, I prefer to be the middle card, but being the only pro fight in the series, I understand why they made it the main event,” Miller added. “It’s just another day for me. I know what to do when I step into this ring. It’s just another day.

“I should be able to stay outside of him and let the fight unfold at my own pace. We should have a pretty decent crowd, a few guys from work, and pretty much my whole family going.

Matt Tennant of Parkersburg (4-2) will face Jacob Lemaster of Kentucky 3-0 in one of three mixed martial arts fights.

“I will defend my bantamweight title (Dawghouse Promotions)”, Tennant noted. “He’s an undefeated wrestler from Kentucky. I expect fireworks with this fight and hope to fight professionally after this one. This fight means a lot to me and will be a real test of where I am in my career in the future. “

Mid-Ohio Valley fighters are expected to participate in not only MMA and amateur boxing matches, but also amateur kickboxing.

Aside from the Tennant title fight, two other currently vacant Dawghouse Promotions belts will be up for grabs.

In MMA, Kyle Echard of Parkersburg will face Jacob Beach of Inwood. Additionally, Wirt County’s Tonya Hopkins will look to give Pittsburgh’s Jess Cimino a loss in their rematch.

“I did the full three laps, but I lost. She was undefeated. It was a good learning experience for sure, “ Hopkins opened up about his last game against Cimino. “I felt pretty confident with how I did in the fight. I was a little nervous, but I felt quite comfortable and felt that I had won.

“It was a little confusing when they made the call. I thought I would have the decision. It was a bit overwhelming when I returned to the locker room. “

Hopkins, who won the Parkersburg Toughman lightweight belt, started training with Mike Sheppard at Dawghouse Gym in March 2020.

“I prove it to myself, I can do it” Hopkins said to decide to become a fighter. “My little brother and his girlfriend will be there. I have about three tables of people from the gym or my workplace coming over. “

The doors are expected to open at 6 p.m., with the first fight starting at 7 p.m.

Tickets cost $ 25 at the door and anyone interested in a second row VIP table should call 304-483-5503.

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