MMA fighter Glover Teixeira keen for UFC 267 to make the most of second chance


Seven years have passed since Danbury resident Glover Teixeira fought for a UFC championship belt, but at 41 the resurgent fighter has won a second chance.

Currently on a five-game winning streak, Teixeira will appear at UFC 267 on October 30 as the main card event in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Teixeira (32-7), who turns 42 on fight day, is set to face current light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz for the belt.

It’s been a long journey since her last title fight in 2014, but Teixeira has managed to get back into the spotlight and will look to bring the belt back to Danbury.

“There’s definitely less pressure with this one,” Teixeira said. “Times are changing, life is changing and your mind is changing. I go there happy and enjoyed the trip and the training along the way. Last time I put too much pressure on myself.

Teixeira lost to Jon Jones by unanimous decision in 2014, but healthier habits and a consistent home for training positioned the veteran fighter for another shot.

“This is a different situation,” said Glover’s wife Ingrid Teixeira. “He’s trained 100% here in the region, and he uses people from the region to help him train. He’s got a different feel, this camp feels super focused compared to the last time he was in Florida for a big game. This time he is there as he has been in his last five victories, it feels good.

Teixeira trained at his personal gym, Teixeira MMA & Fitness, which he opened in Bethel in 2018. He hasn’t lost a UFC fight since opening his new gym.

“I’m going to win the title and you’re going to see me party on Main Street,” Teixeira said.

For Glover, Danbury has become a home away from home, where he has deeply rooted himself in the community.

“I love this city,” Teixeira said. “I like everything from the four seasons to the people. I have a lot of friends here from my hometown in Brazil and I have my wife who was born here with her family. The place is great, the community is beautiful. The people are so nice and warm, they received me with open arms from the first day I came here.

Glover’s fighting career didn’t begin until after he moved to Danbury from Brazil in 1999.

He and Ingrid met in 2001 at the Danbury War Memorial Gymnasium, the year Glover started Ju Jitsu and boxing. They married in 2003.

“It was a crazy race,” said Ingrid Teixeira. “It has been stressful, fun and all the emotions you can imagine come together in one. When we got married he was just starting to do Ju Jitsu and boxing, so it wasn’t even something that was on my radar at first.

Ingrid was born and raised in the area and is a graduate of Brookfield High School and Western Connecticut State University. She was working at the Danbury Chamber of Commerce when she met her future husband at the gym, you guessed it.

“Because I am from here, born and raised, it was nice to see all the support for him from all walks of life,” said Ingrid Teixeira. “He’s Brazilian and he’s an American citizen, he gets everyone’s support. If he’s going to a Starbucks or something, everyone’s super cool and supporting him.

Teixeira’s rise was swift, but was derailed by long-standing issues with her visa.

After a five-year process in which he had to return to Brazil for over three years, Teixeira returned to Danbury and won his first UFC fight in 2012 against Kyle Kingsbury by first round submission.

Teixeira opened his first gym in Danbury in 2014, before moving to a larger space in Bethel four years later, where he currently trains.

“I’m a fighter, that’s the best I can do,” Teixeira said. “Martial arts have helped me so much in my life health, financially and spiritually, so I want to pass it on. That’s what my gym is for, fighting, but also fitness. J he likes to see kids who are not very active come here and two or three years later they are doing amazing things.

Teixeira MMA & Fitness has been successful in training fighters and is currently working with athletes from 3 to 73 years old.

One fighter who is currently training in the gym in Teixeira is Alex Pereira, who recently announced that he will join the UFC and play his first fight on November 6.

“He moved to Danbury from Brazil and he’s one of the best kickboxers in the world,” Teixeira said. “He brings his whole family and his sister is also a kickboxer. “

Pereira is a former middleweight kickboxing champion and is known to be the only man to knock out current UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

“It’s like Kevin Costner,” Teixeira said. “If you build it, they will come. And that’s what I believe, I build and they are coming.

Teixeira has publicly hinted at a potential retirement next year, but his gym is something he will never leave behind.

“I wanna do this forever, man,” Teixeira said. “It will be great to be the first guy from Danbury to win a title, but I won’t be the last. I’m 100% sure it won’t be the only one, I know what I’m capable of with training these guys.

Beyond her training, Teixeira attributes much of her resurgence in the UFC to lifestyle changes.

Mainly by staying more focused outside the gym by eating healthier and partying less than he did in his twenties.

“It’s good to have fun but you have to know how to have fun,” said Teixeira. “Today, instead of going to a barbecue and drinking beer, I go to a waterfall and enjoy nature. If you’re 20 years old doing this stuff, live it. But now I’m in my 40s and had to make changes to achieve my goals.

When he’s not training, Teixeira frequents the Farm House Restaurant in Newtown where he likes fresh produce. He also enjoys hiking, as he did on Monday with his wife at Castle Craig in Meriden before they left for Abu Dhabi.

Glover and Ingrid will fly away on Wednesday, where they will stay in a bubble until the October 30 fight.

Teixeira plans to return home with the belt he slipped over seven years ago, and if he does, circumstances will certainly warrant a party in Danbury.

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