MMA star Mikuru Asakura bewilderedly admits to ‘using’ Floyd Mayweather

Mikuru Asakura didn’t hide behind any bravado when he explained his reasons for accepting a fight with Floyd Mayweather on RIZIN.

The Japanese mixed martial arts star heads into the fall event knowing the chips are stacking firmly against him.

Speaking as Mayweather dominated a media room, Asakura expressed his views on taking a one-sided challenge before trying to intimidate the five-weight world champion during the one-on-one.

“I am an MMA fighter. But I’m going to take this opportunity and use Floyd Mayweather to get my name out there. Also, my international value,” Asakura said with disconcerting honesty.

He added shyly, ironically, “I’m going to win this fight.”

Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the CEO of RIZIN and the man who organized the event, can’t wait to see how the clash unfolds.

“I am very happy to be sitting between these two athletes and to announce our second fight with Floyd Mayweather on RIZIN and against Mikuru Asakura.

“Mayweather was supposed to fight in Japan before the pandemic. But unfortunately it was postponed. Now, RIZIN is excited to lead this fight in September.

Asakura isn’t the only one enjoying Mayweather’s global appeal.

“I am very excited to work with Floyd Mayweather. But not just for this fight but in the future. We look at the big picture to create more exciting content on our platform. »

Floyd Mayweather RIZIN

Mayweather plans to build on the fun sensation that was a breath of fresh air against Don Moore in Abu Dhabi.

“Money” held up ring cards, spoke to the crowd and was in a jovial mood as he towered over his former sparring partner.

To build on that momentum, he said: “I’ve had so many great days competing at the highest level. But it’s a great feeling now to be able to travel the world, do these exhibition fights and have fun.

“My legacy is already set in stone. It’s great to be able to entertain people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

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