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Boxing is starting to fill the summer schedule very well. Next Saturday, live from State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, Showtime will return with a PPV card. The main event will feature Gervonta Davis (24-0) to take on WBA Super Lightweight champion Mario Barrios (26-0).

As interesting as the main event is, this piece focuses on Super Lightweight prospect Stacey Selby (2-0). Selby is a nineteen-year-old fighter from the northwest Washington, DC area Like most fighters, he dreams and aspires to be a sports star.

Often times, it’s a dice that a prospect with those eye-catching first knockouts actually succeeds. Once they start to increase the level of their opposition, that’s when the middle and the great are separated. There may be something different there, as Selby trains at Upton Boxing Gym in Baltimore, Maryland. For those who don’t know, trainers Calvin Ford and Kenny Ellis are the ones running this gym.

Coaches Calvin Ford (left) and Kenny Ellis (right) continue to build a strong team at Upton Gym in Baltimore.

In recent years, Upton Gym has been known for welcoming raw young talent into their building. Over time, this talent changes from accomplished amateurs to quality pros. Some of the names are Gervonta Davis, Super Lightweight Malik Hawkins (18-1), and Middleweight Lorenzo Simpson (9-0), to name a few. A real family bond develops among the members of this team, and this translates into victories and / or fierce battles in the ring.

Unlike other fighters who have had challenges, Stacey Selby has had a different story. When asked, he replied, “I had a great education, I finished school and I had both parents in my house”. More often than any, we hear stories that sport is an avenue some take to stay out of a toxic environment. For Stacey, it was football early on until her father took him to a boxing gym as he “was always in trouble” and felt he needed “one-on-one attention”.

There was no immediate attraction to the sport. The nineteen-year-old said: “It took a bit of getting used to it, but I finally started to like it.” Stacey ended up having a successful amateur career that set a 90-20 record that culminated in six national championships.

Selby was surrounded by the great Floyd Mayweather Jr. as he prepared for the exhibit which took place last week.

While working with Calvin and Kenny, it was only a matter of time that he stumbled upon “Tank”. Asked about their connection, Shelby said, “I met him when I started training at Upton Boxing about 3-4 years ago. Me and Tank have been cool for about 2-3 years. That connection led Shelby to sign a promotional deal with Gervonta Davis last year. Regarding how the deal was done, Stacey says, “The deal basically happened through the bond that we have, so when he brought it to me I was like, come on, come on. -y. “

Getting signed with Gervonta Davis is one thing, but fighting him is another. It’s an experience any young fighter would likely jump on if given the chance. When Selby spoke about these sessions he said “I’ve fought him several times”. While also adding that “he teaches me certain things that I should and should not do. Every time we step in the ring it’s always a good job. That job was to prepare Gervonta Davis for his fight last December against Leo Santa Cruz.

Stacey Selby is looking to absorb all he can while being at camp with Gervonta Davis.

So now Stacey has the task of meeting the expectations of a boxing star while trying to establish herself on her own. He starts that journey with a Davis Card fight against Barrios, which will be a huge step forward for someone with just two pro fights. I asked Selby what he thought about fighting on such a big event, and he just replied “I’m just a little impatient to show my skills on this card.”

For those who arrive early enough to see Selby’s fight, he describes his style as a “boxer-puncher.” He also had this to say about what to expect next Saturday “The fans will see a big fight. I’m not going there looking for a knockout so if it comes it comes but I will definitely do a show on June 26the. “

My three cents:

Calvin Ford has a double duty because not only he prepares “Tank”, but also his prospect Selby.

Stacey Selby is one of the many boxing prospects in the game. What makes him different is that he is groomed by the team behind Upton Boxing Gym. They don’t dedicate their time to just anyone, so if Calvin and Kenny work with him then I have to believe they see some potential in him. Only time will tell if this young Super Lightweight will become a star in the sport, but for now it’s important to leave a lasting impression on opportunities like the one that presents itself on June 26th.e.

It’s great to see these young fighters develop from the start. Capturing their story early and bringing it to the world is how we continue to develop the sport. Will Stacey Selby become the next hot prospect outside the DMV area? Only time will tell, but he certainly has the right team around him to prepare for what lies ahead. Keep an eye on him.

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