ONE: “It’s a riddle I have to solve”

Aung La Nsang is determined to face Ridder’s former enemy Reinier once again and win back his world titles. However, the 36-year-old knows that to reclaim his lost glory he will need to find a way to beat the reigning ONE Championship middleweight and light heavyweight champion.

The former two-division world champion lost both 205lb and 225lb belts to de Ridder in back-to-back bouts just a few months apart. It was one of the fastest grace falls from a UN World Champion.

However, one thing that has not wavered is Aung La Nsang’s confidence. “The Burmese Python” is adamant he can and will reclaim his throne and defeat de Ridder once and for all.

Aung La Nsang spoke to the South China Morning Post in a recent interview and had some interesting things to say.

“In the history of ONE Championship, I am one of the most dominant champions. I wish they would give me revenge. There are two states of mind when you defend, your state of mind is something, and when you are conquering, when you attack, it’s a different state of mind. My mindset is to get my belt back, to attack, and if I were to be paired with Reinier again it would be a different fight for sure.

“You just have to grab it. Grab it and use my hands. I mean sure I predict myself to win by knockout but I’m up for anything and come after something that I believe I’m going to get. So it will be a different fighting style.

Is there composure between Aung La Nsang and Reinier de Ridder?

The two have been back and forth before, taking light hits in the media, but Aung La Nsang says there is nothing personal between them.

Aung La Nsang maintains that he does not harbor any resentment towards “The Dutch Knight” and that he is only focused on becoming a better martial artist. However, Aung La Nsang cannot say the same of Ridder.

“I do not [have bad blood], he could. I don’t have one, my fans might be cool but I don’t. I see it just as a puzzle that I have to solve, as someone who is going to make me a better person, a better mixed martial artist. I don’t care what people say, I don’t care. I don’t really mind and have to be balanced and I have to be a good person above all else. There is no bad blood.

Aung La Nsang was last seen in the ONE Championship cage in July, when he stopped the much-loved Leandro Ataides by knockout in the first round.

He’s currently lobbying for a game with UFC veteran Yushin ‘Thunder’ Okami, and says it fits the kind of fights he wants, especially in 2022.

“I just have exciting games, but the belt is my goal, but I don’t care if I have to fight for the belt afterwards. I don’t care if it’s in two or three fights. I just want to prove myself and keep growing as a mixed martial artist and be a good athlete that the fans want to watch. You know, at least three or four competitions next year. To give the best possible performance, train well and improve my grappling and my wrestling a lot. To grow as a mixed martial artist the competition is against myself and to be the best version of myself this coming year.

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