Philly cat plays piano to let owners know when he’s hungry: video


If some of us had to play the piano in order to eat, we would most likely be hungry. However, that’s not the case with a South Philly feline who has become a social media sensation with his piano prowess.

Winslow is a former stray “who tickles ivories when he’s hungry” – he actually plays for his food.

According to an ABC 6 News report, it all started when the 7-year-old tabby must have lost a few pounds. His owners said he was running around “screaming all the time when he wanted food.”

Kate Nyx, the cat’s owner, said she realized that “if they just gave her a meal in the morning and a meal in the evening, they wouldn’t hear the end of it,” the report quotes.

So, according to the report, Nyx decided to use Winslow’s fascination with an old toy piano to his advantage, by “dividing his snacks into smaller portions and having it played for each.”

Nyx posted one of his many videos online and “Winslow has become an Internet superstar with thousands of views and shares around the world,” the report says.

Nyx is a dressmaker and musician, so “Winslow’s musicality is definitely in her DNA,” the report says.

“Somehow this 26 second clip of my cat playing the piano went further than anything I’ve ever done. But you know, honestly, I’m so proud of it. I’m so proud that he’s, I mean, been on the radio before me and has a single on Spotify, ”Nyx quoted in the report.

The report says that according to Nyx, the music really matured Winslow.

“He’s a chaotic gentleman. I mean, he’s very fancy. He is very worthy. He is very cultivated. Obviously he’s an artist, ”Nyx says.

The report states that Winslow now has his own music video and song online, titled “Bean Gotta Scream”. Currently, according to the report, a new single is in the works, “About Eating Your Veg – Because, despite his ‘chonky’ size, Winslow loves spinach.”

The report also shared some good news – “Winslow is down 22 pounds, thanks to the piano and new food.”


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