PKA Worldwide secures investment from Jimmy Anderson

jimmy andersona longtime professional sports entrepreneur who has held ownership positions with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates, announced a significant investment in PKA Worldwide – the new professional kickboxing association.

Based in Sacramento, Anderson is the lead investor in a rapidly taking shape that is expected to become a driving force in combat sports. The PKA is led by the CEO Joe Corley and a legendary lineup of combat sports veterans and sports marketing professionals.

“The leadership team that Joe Corley has assembled, combined with the public’s increased appetite for combat sports and the excitement and artistry of kickboxing convinced me that the timing was perfect and it’s the right team of people to bring professional kickboxing to the forefront of the combat sports industry,” Anderson said.

Corley, who has been involved in professional kickboxing for more than five decades, is excited about what the future holds.

“Jimmy’s generous commitment to our organization and to kickboxers around the world will allow us to build our organization and our sport in the right way. Kickboxers who have had to compete in hybrid versions of their sport can now show off their athleticism and Elite striking and footing skills on the biggest stage in the sport – the PKA Striking Cage.

About Jim Anderson:

Known in the sports world, the Anderson family was instrumental in relocating the NBA Kings to Sacramento from Kansas City in 1985. He was also part of the Pittsburgh Pirates ownership group from 1996 to 2007.

Owner and manager of WHAL, GP, LLC, the general partner of WHAL Properties, LP, Anderson is also an active and longtime board member of Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc., founded by his father, Fred, in 1953.

A noted philanthropist, he recently donated $5 million to fund an innovative wellness education office at UC-Davis School of Medicine. In addition, the donation establishes the Jacquelyn S. Anderson Endowed chair in wellness in honor of his late wife, an artist and photographer passionate about health and well-being who died in 2021.

He is also building “The Jacquelyn Project”, a one-of-a-kind free art gallery, which will open next spring in downtown Sacramento, showcasing Jackie’s inspiring and thought-provoking artwork and photography.

Additionally, he recently combined his passion for philanthropy and martial arts when he presented the first “Prix Jacquelyn” to Gena Norriswife of a martial arts legend and movie star Chuck Norris. The award honors Gena’s support of KICKSTART KIDS which has graduated over 100,000 inner city school children through the Chuck Norris martial arts system implemented in their curriculum.

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