Ranking the Best Custom Leagues in Wrestling History

Custom championship belts are a great way for a wrestler to put their own personal touch on their title, adding another dimension of depth to the meaning behind it. Not all wrestlers have the esteemed opportunity to hold a championship, let alone one of their companies’ major world titles, so a custom title can also be a great way for a wrestler to recover from fans or declare oneself worthy of gold. Sometimes it can be a very divisive conversation with titles that look so good fans don’t want to see it changed and others that have fans begging the companies to get rid of them.

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There is a particular science to designing a belt, there is so much room for creativity and the possibilities for customizable aspects from the plates and their shapes/sizes to the strap itself, which can be made of many materials. Some of these titles have even achieved the lofty status of the most iconic belts ever used in wrestling, or even become one of the major championships of their respective companies. While the importance of the belt in terms of placement in the company hierarchy was not a factor, strictly the best custom championship designs were used.

ten TNA Heavyweight Championship (Jeff Hardy Edition)

Jeff Hardy’s Custom TNA Heavyweight Championship

Originally considered one of the worst championship belt designs in history, Jeff Hardy’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship is a controversial belt. On the one hand it lacks the gold that is typical in most championships, but on the other it is one of the most unique sets of plate designs and really matches Jeff’s aesthetic. In hindsight, this belt drew far too much criticism from fans for its bold design and use of a purple strap.

9 Daniel Bryan’s “Hemp-y Weight” Ecological WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan’s Custom Eco-Friendly WWE Championship.

In Daniel Bryan’s heel race (which was arguably better than any of his face races) with the WWE Championship in 2019, ‘The Planet’s Champion’ decided to flip the leather and the gold. for hemp, stones and wood. It was an attempt to make the title eco-friendly, and he felt the old leather belt was unfairly made from the hide of a cow, which he named Daisy. The belt itself has a nice color scheme, using light pastel colors and beige for the main strap, which has that great fabric texture.


8 Matt Cardona’s “Universal” GCW World Championship

GCW “Universal” World Championship

GCW has evolved into a charming wrestling federation that features a hardcore style reminiscent of ECW. After his release from WWE, Matt Cardona quickly showed up in GCW and left his mark by winning the GCW World Heavyweight Championship from Nick Gage in a bloody match. After his victory, he cheekily changed the title to the GCW Universal Championship, a belt featuring a spinning centerpiece on the main plate in reference to WWE’s old “Spinner” championship. It has a distinct use of color and is adorned with its signature color and logos.

7 WWE “Spinner” Championship


Speaking of the WWE “Spinner” Championship, this belt was introduced by John Cena on an episode of SmackDown in 2005. Apparently he was heavily involved in the design process of the belt, specifically choosing the size, the color and placement of diamonds. as well as the general appearance. It’s considered one of the showiest main championship belts, yet it has lasted nearly 10 years as the company’s most prestigious title. He deserves more respect as a symbol of the times and a commendable nod to hip-hop culture.

6 Taz’ FTW Championship

ftw championship
The FTW Championship

During ECW’s prime, Taz was an integral part of the company’s lineup as one of the most dominant wrestlers on the roster. He was a consistent wrestler who could put on many great matches. His rival, Shane Douglas, was usually injured or cowering away from Taz not accepting any of his challenges. In his frustration, he began carrying around this personalized title to present himself as the true champion of ECW.

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The belt itself is very simple, but it comes across as a simple title that is meant to be a direct sign of the greatness of the holder. Now a semi-recognized championship for AEW, the legacy of the title continues to grow even after all this time.

5 Zack Ryder/Matt Cardona Original Internet Championship

internet championship
Zack Ryder’s Internet Championship

Midway through Matt Cardona’s WWE debut, he was largely relegated to the undercard as a jobber for the majority of his matches. Usually under-pushed or even under-featured, he decided to create his own YouTube channel “Z! True Long Island Story” to give himself a platform for his character to connect with audiences. It was an unprecedented use of social media that proves he was ahead of his time. He decided to christen the Internet Championship to give himself some extra buzz and something to covet for rival Dolph Ziggler. The belt has his spiky hair and the social media company logos on the side plates. Overall, it’s a great use of gold and paint, with some really flashy logos.

4 King of the Ring Championship

King of the Ring Championship.

This belt suffered a similar fate to The Rock’s Custom “Brahma Bull” WWE Championship, as it was never featured in WWE programming, but it still has a place in history. Designed by Reggie Parks to be a physical representation of the King of the Ring winner (who unfortunately was Mabel, one of the greatest wrestlers Vince ever pushed), it features a beautiful castle-shaped center plate with the KOTR logo. adorned in the middle. and a brick-like texture in the background. The exterior plaques feature eight different country flags and the interior side plaques feature lions, which really adds to the royalty of the whole design.

3 United States WWE “Spinner” Championship

John Cena’s Custom United States Championship

Another one of John Cena’s creations, this iteration of the sometimes absurd United States Championship is very underrated. It contains silver instead of gold, which may be off-putting to many fans, but it actually matches the red, white, and blue paint used on the main center plate. Both side plates are completely filled with diamonds, which form the fluttering American flag logo. It features simple circles as the shape of all the plates, and it’s a bit small for the height of the wrestlers, but it’s still another great example of an ode to hip-hop.

2 WWE Smoking Skull Championship

Stone Cold Holds His Custom Smoking Skull WWE Championship

Following an accident where the WWE Championship (then considered the “Big Cookie”) actually cut off “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s chin during a fight, he contacted legendary belt designer J Mar to a personalized belt.

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The title features these plates which roughly feature a shield shape, similar to police/sheriff badges, and red paint in the skull design placed in the middle of the championship. While Vince McMahon was apparently not a fan of it, it has persisted as one of the most iconic championships in all of company history and is a fan favorite.

1 Million Dollar Championship

million dollar championship
The Million Dollar Championship

By far, the most beautiful custom championship ever made is the Million Dollar Championship. It was created by “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (who has a long history of moments and aspects you may have forgotten) as a way for him to perform like a champion, while showing off his flow endless cash.

The belt was actually designed by jeweler Terry Betteridge of Betteridge Jewelry, and although it’s only gold-plated and filled with cubic zirconia crystals instead of real diamonds, it still looks stunning. It’s apparently closer to $50,000, but that doesn’t stop it from having a “million dollar” design.

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