Rodtang is ready to make special rules fight Tenshin

Rodtang ‘The Iron Man’ Jitmuangnon wants a track from Tenshin Nasukawa before the latter quits kickboxing for good.

Over the past week, the two athletes tentatively agreed to fight if an offer comes up. In a recent interview with ONE Championship, Rodtang claimed that a special rules contest consisting of kickboxing and Muay Thai rounds would be the best way for them to settle the score and end their rivalry.

Rodtang is aware of Tenshin’s superior kickboxing skills, but he wants to see how the young Japanese star manages his world-class Muay Thai arsenal.

“The Iron Man” admits that he thinks there will be a little hesitation on Tenshin’s part due to the use of elbows. Elbows are allowed in Muay Thai but are illegal in kickboxing.

Asked about a favorite set of rules for their rematch, Rodtang told ONE:

“I’m good at Muay Thai so of course I would prefer the rules of Muay Thai. I know Tenshin wouldn’t take this because he was worried about the elbows. He would prefer the rules of kickboxing. So to make it fair for both parties, I would be open to a mixed rule fight – Muay Thai and kickboxing. We can do five rounds – Muay Thai for rounds one and three, and kickboxing for rounds two and four, or the other way around. Then on the last lap we can kickbox more clinch and knees, but no elbows. “

Above all, Rodtang just wants to offer another striking clinic to prove why he’s the best in the world – whether it’s kickboxing or Muay Thai. He’s not picky about the rules, as long as he gets his hands on Tenshin before leaving kickboxing for good:

“In fact, we can discuss [this more too], just to be fair. I am so easy. I would really like that to happen. It would be fun for the fans and take the problems out of our first fight. “

According to martial arts site Gong Kakutogi on Sunday, Tenshin revealed he had two fights left on his contract with RISE. He admitted that he would like to fight Rodtang in a rematch in his last kickboxing fight.

Rodtang responded to that statement a day later, posting a photo of himself alongside Tenshin with a teasing caption.

Possible switch to MMA for Rodtang

Of course, Rodtang has that other super fight on the horizon, one that involves arguably the greatest mixed martial artist of all time – Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson. The 24-year-old Thai warrior has stressed that he too could leave the strike kingdom to pursue a full-time MMA career.

“If possible, I might want to continue fighting MMA,” Rodtang said.

Similar to Tenshin, Rodtang is eager to test himself in another discipline. “The Iron Man” is designed to take on the great MMA in a special rules bout consisting of two rounds of Muay Thai and two rounds of MMA at ONE X, ONE Championship’s 10th anniversary show slated for early 2022.

The fight will be Rodtang’s very first experience in an MMA competition. If he enjoys those two rounds against ‘Mighty Mouse’ and has relative success, Rodtang might indeed be ready to move on to MMA.

Rodtang told ONE:

“After hearing that my fight with DJ was postponed, I continued to train. I stayed positive. In fact, it’s good for me because I can have more time to practice my ground game. After this fight, I could continue with MMA, if possible. That would be great.”

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