Ronda Rousey announced the birth of her first child


MMA legend Ronda Rousey announcement the birth of her first child, a girl named La’akea Makalapuaokalanipō Browne, shared with her husband, former UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne.

The old one UFC Female bantamweight and WWE The Raw Women champion shared a photo of the breastfeeding baby inside her shirt and another with her daughter touching Browne’s tattoo on her verified Instagram Account Monday.

The couple initially revealed the gender of their first child together in a video shared with Rouseyis verified youtube account June 29.

“We keep it simple, we keep it safe, we keep the Browsey Acres style,” Rousey revealed before feeling what appeared to be her baby kick as she walked alongside Browne on their family farm.

The video then showed a Nintendo-style egg hatching to reveal an ultrasound of the couple’s child, followed by a Pokémon video game-style caption of “It’s a Girl!” and a background jingle.

Rousey initially announced her pregnancy in a video shared to her YouTube account in April.

“I’ve been pregnant since January so four months, woo, baby bump, and just wanted to share with you a bit of the trip we took,” Rousey said in the video.

Rousey’s initial video ad included footage of herself and Browne walking to the doctor’s office.

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