Rush is a great addition and boosts Andrade’s immediate future

AEW Double or Nothing had several exciting moments throughout the night. Several new names came through the curtain, with Athena and Stokely Hathaway appearing early in the evening. But Andrade showed he wasn’t alone by bringing in former teammate and one of the top singles wrestlers in the business, Rush. Although he’s a big name in the industry, North American fans might not be too familiar with the new artist.

Rush is a name CMLL, New Japan, and Ring of Honor fans will recognize. At 33, his resume includes a slew of titles throughout his 14-year career. During that time, he won the Ring of Honor World Championship twice, most recently holding it for 498 days before losing the belt to Bandido. He also won the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship and tag team titles with others.

Rush’s addition to All Elite Wrestling to line up with Andrade is significant due to their years of history together. In 2014 they formed with La Mascara a band called Los Ingobernables which was one of the most important bands in CMLL history. But not only did this group impact CMLL, they also hit New Japan with an offshoot called Los Ingobernables de Japon. This group included Tetsuya Naito, Bushi, Takahashi, Sanada, and Takagi at one point or another.

Rush is an important addition to AEW, but especially Andrade. While some will debate this point, there is a strong narrative that Andrade’s run with the company has been lackluster. At times, it seems like the company forgot they picked one of the best free agents available when he joined them in 2021. His run didn’t show much though, as he got bogged down with the Hardy Foundation script which, as he admitted, was a bunch of “losers”. Even his match with Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Title went unnoticed.

Rush and Andrade would be a threat if placed in a major storyline. Either man would be a great opponent for future champions and they could easily become tag team champions. The opportunity is there for AEW to build something different and long-term by bringing in this star who can play with anyone in the promotion.

Rush was a major surprise at AEW Double or Nothing and he’s a welcome addition not just to the roster but to Andrade’s immediate future in the company.

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