Sean Strickland ‘not stable enough to talk’ after interview with former UFC fighter


Sean Strickland attends a press conference.

UFC star Sean Strickland has teased an upcoming interview with former heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub.

The top-ranked middleweight contender is coming off a loss to Alex Pereira in July at UFC 276’s International Fight Week card. Strickland was knocked out with a vicious left hook that knocked him out of the top five spots. The victory earned Pereira a chance against reigning 185-pound champion Israel Adesanya, who defeated Jared Cannonier by unanimous decision on the same night as Pereira’s final outing, for the headlining bout at UFC 281. November 12.

Strickland swapped opponents with Adesanya and partnered with Cannonier for the main event of UFC Fight Night 216 on Dec. 17.

Ahead of his impending return to action, Strickland took to his Instagram to preview his interview with Schaub.

“I just finished a Brendon Schaub podcast,” he said. wrote. “I think this may be the last I do…I’m not stable enough to talk…after a while I start pleading for killing puppies. No further requests…”

Schaub published a message alluding to the next episode of his YouTube show “Food Truck Diaries.”

“Finally, this savage on #FoodTruckDiaries Sean Strickland is coming HOT.”

Strickland explained why he hates Ronda Rousey

The 31-year-old didn’t expand on his cryptic message further but added some context behind his appearance on the show. Strickland explained her dislike of former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in a clip posted on his Instagram account.

“I hate podcasts because when I start talking I get mad, my fucking filter falls off and I say bullshit that’s taken out of context. I explain why I hate Ronda Rousey, why I think she’s all the fucking wrong with the world. After a loss she went on Ellen and she said she was in the back room, the medical room after fighting and for a while she thought about killing herself.

“Then she looked at her man Travis Browne and thought I had to have babies with this man, I had to stay alive. It was on the news, it was f**king everywhere.

Strickland was not in favor of admitting Rousey

Strickland objected to the idea that Rousey overcame a challenge after losing her UFC title. He dismissed her admission of feeling suicidal and warned that depression was uncool.

“I don’t know when suicide got fucking cool. It got cool like they did a show, 13 reasons, everyone’s depressed, everyone’s suicidal, and let me tell you, that’s not cool. Depression is like cancer, it’s terminal. It’s like herpes, you may not have it, but you still fucking have it, it’s waiting to come out.

“Thoughts of suicide for people who have them is even worse. Do you get fixated on it or do you start dwelling on it or do you start thinking about how or where you’re going to do it. You’re really fantasizing about it It’s not a passing thought because you lost a fight.

“I hate Ronda Rousey because she used something so screwed up and serious as a strong ‘But I got over it’ moment. Which isn’t screwed up.

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