Sub-Out Domestic Violence All Female event brings community together at Vault BJJ


Last week, women in the Pennsylvania area BJJ community stepped on the mats to raise awareness and fundraise for a local shelter and it couldn’t have been better according to Sabrina Kelley and Laura Kent, who were two of the many people who put a lot of effort and time into the Sub-Out domestic violence event last week.

Kelley and her husband, Matt, own and operate Vault Jiu Jitsu School of Martial Arts in Morton, PA, where they hosted a card filled with many talented women who ended up being much taller than originally expected. Kelley went to Laura Kent with the idea of ​​having a small fundraising event and they chose The Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County, a local nonprofit organization. for the benefit of victims of domestic violence. Kent, who represents 10th planet-Bethlehem and is a teammate here at MyMMANews, was happy to join forces and was planning with Sabrina and doing matchmaking for an event with around 15 fights. Laura tells us …

“In the first week we got about 60 responses and we went to 25 matches and we kind of stopped there, given that we had to get everyone in the gym and stay safe.

But the day was much longer, as Sabrina tells us …

“This event spoke to people on another level. Laura and I have received direct messages from women saying that the reason they started training in Jiu-Jitsu is because they are survivors of domestic violence. It’s so interesting to see a community coming together so quickly. We had so many local responses with the sponsors and so many people donated their efforts, their time and their products. It was such a beautiful event with so much action and went so well and we finished all of those games in one hour and forty minutes and Laura has all the credit for it. She was like the millionaire matchmaker. She did an incredible job.

Please check out our full interview at the link above to learn more about some of the others who have helped these women and should be commended as contributing representatives of the mixed martial arts community. We look forward to additional coverage on future events.

Laura Kent
Laura Kent

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