Teofimo says he will toss Haney’s WBC email headline after beating him


By Sean Jones: Teofimo López says he wants to beat WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney to prove what a “fraud” that he is and then throw his Belt “email” because it doesn’t make sense.

It’ll make the WBC and Haney look bad if Teofimo devalues ​​the title by throwing it in the trash if he’s able to beat Devin.

In the mind of IBF / WBA / WBC Franchise / WBO lightweight champion Teofimo, the one thing holding back Haney (26-0, 15 KOs) “relevant” is the title of his email, which is why he holds it so tightly when he’s on stage. He knows that without this belt he is nothing.

Devin constantly reminds the boxing public that Teofimo is not the undisputed lightweight champion he claims to be, as he still needs his 135-pound WBC title to reach his goal.

Teofimo Says He Will Fight Haney And Pick Up His WBC Email Trinket After Defeating His Mandatory IBF George Kambosos Jr June 19. These two are headlining the Triller Fight Club pay-per-view at LoanDepot Parker in Miami, Florida.

Haney was bred to the WBC 135-pound champion title by the World Boxing Council in 2019 at the same time as they were giving Vasily Lomachenko the Franchise tag.

Teofimo is going to throw away the title of Haney’s email

“I wanted Devin for the fraud he is, that’s all it is, ”Teofimo Lopez told SnowqueenLA. “I wanted him for the fraud he really is. It’s not about this belt [WBC lightweight title].

“When I win and beat Devin, I’ll put an email stamp on it [WBC] belt, and I’m going to throw it away because it doesn’t mean anything, it’s crap.

At this press conference you can see that he [Haney] firmly held on to that [WBC] belt because it is the only thing that keeps it relevant.

“None of that matters unless I beat Kambosos, and I already know that.

“When fight week comes around, that’s where it really counts,” Teofimo said, reacting to George Kambosos trying to scare him.

“This fight will not go beyond the first. A lot of people want to stop Teofimo, but they just can’t, ”Teofimo said.

Technically, Teofimo (16-0, 12 KOs) needs Haney’s WBC lightweight title to become the undisputed champion. Teo can’t rightly call himself the Undisputed 135lb Champion until he beats Haney.

You can argue that Teofimo should have asked the International Boxing Federation for an exception to temporarily bypass his mandatory IBF George Kambosos Jr (19-0, 10 KOs) until he faced Haney first.

The IBF would likely have granted Teofimo permission to make this move, but he chose not to ask.

So instead of fighting Haney, Teofimo is stuck with this nothing fight against Kambosos, which hardly anyone talks about.

Mikey Garcia’s fight appeals to Teo as a save option

“They mentioned two guys for Josh Taylor and my name was one of them,” Teofimo said. “People know what it is.

“Some guys like Taylor feel like they’ve done everything in the sport and they’re happy.

“So they don’t feel like they have to fight the competition or anything like that anymore.

“Lomachenko’s fight made me ten times better and I was already better as he was. That’s why I’m looking forward to June 19. I can’t wait to incorporate this work ethic as I put it here.

“Cool, if Josh Taylor doesn’t want to beat me, we can make things like that happen,” Teofimo said of a fight between him and Mikey Garcia.

“I don’t see why not. Put him in front of me and I’ll beat him. People call Teofimo for a reason now. I’m telling you, people need a salary. So if you’re fighting Teofimo, you get a salary, ”Teofimo said, speaking in the third person.

If Teofimo called Mikey Garcia’s bluff, he wouldn’t take the fight with him. Mikey hasn’t fought at 135 since 2018, and he’s unlikely to be able to wait long enough for him to come back down to lightweight.

Even if Mikey could, he probably wouldn’t want to fight Teofimo due to the danger.

Mikey has been expecting a fight with Manny Pacquiao for two years, and he’s done next to nothing with his career since losing to Errol Spence Jr in 2019.

Josh Taylor is already setting up the conditions that Teofimo must meet in order for him to fight him. He wants Teofimo to become the undisputed lightweight champion before he considers fighting him.

By the time Teofimo does by beating Haney, Taylor will likely have gone down to 147, out of range.

Teo says Gervonta is avoiding him

“I think it’s fair to avoid the guys at 135,” Teofimo said when asked for his opinion on Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis going up to 140 to challenge WBA secondary light welterweight champion Mario Barrios.

“You got to 140 to make it look good and sound good. Of course, ”Teofimo said when asked if Tank Davis had avoided him.

“We haven’t backed down on Loma,” Teofimo said. “We called him for two years, and we finally got there, and look what happened. I beat him unanimously, I demolished it.

“I sent the most technical fighter in the game they [Top Rank promoter Bob Arum] said they compared it to the next one [Muhammad] Ali, passing him off as a God. But now that Teofimo has beaten him, everyone wants to discredit him, ”Teofimo said.

Likely, Mayweather Promotions will never let Gervonta Davis fight Teofimo. They seem only interested in taking on Tank against guys they are sure he can beat. When Mayweather promotions aren’t certain, they don’t fight for Tank.

This explains why Tank has never been matched against Vasily Lomachenko all these years and why he rose to 140 to fight the weakest link among Mario Barrios’ champions.

Lopez still relives his victory over Loma

“Lomachenko keeps calling this and that, but I took your heart to heart for these championship rounds,” Teofimo said. “In these championship heats, it’s no longer a question of technique.

“It’s not about the game plan you had anymore, it’s about who wants it most, how much you want it.

“When I went to the plate on the last lap [12th], who backed down? Loma. I took your heart. No matter what it is, I wanted it more. It’s the championship heats that show your heart, ”said Teofimo.

It would be a good idea for Teofimo to stop giving Lomachenko so much screen time in his mind and forget about it.

Teo needs to live in the present and focus on Kambosos. No one cares about Teofimo’s past glory against Lomachenko because it’s over. The way Teofimo talks about his victory over Lomachenko makes him look much older than his chronological age of 23.

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