TG4 takes over with boxing and women’s football


It was a decidedly lively sports weekend, brimming with highlights, although it was difficult to beat Seán Bán Breatnach as Gaeilge with the name Sara Haghighat-Joo at the National Boxing Championships on Saturday night on TG4. His co-commentator Kurt Walker wisely opted for “Sara,” but CFF refused to go for the easy option, continuing manly throughout the bout, trying various pronunciations until he got the hang of it.

She was, he tells us, a “cailin like Canada”, with another half “like Connemara”, and fought “like Saint Brigid’s from Edenderry to Offaly”. The CFF had just taken us around the world in 80 seconds, Kurt stunned by the trip.

Sara, a Canadian champion before putting down roots and moving to Ireland, got the better of Ballyboughal’s Niamh Fay with a 3-2 split decision in the bantamweight final, her fight being part of the nearly four cover. TG4 hours of national championships.

Earlier today, TG4 brought us live coverage of the National Women’s League match between Shelbourne and DLR Waves, the first time a match from this competition was broadcast live.

Shelbourne’s Saoirse Noonan, who terrorizes Gaelic football defenses on behalf of Cork in his spare time, reminded us of how big a deal this is.

“This is another huge milestone for women’s football,” she said, “giving the girls the chance to turn on their TVs and see us. And not just for the big days, like the finals of the FAI cup. We train for the big days every week. Knowing that your championship game will be broadcast on national television this weekend is unreal. “

Not enough caps can be taken off in the direction of TG4, their contribution to giving some attention to sports that we rarely see on our screens, like boxing and women’s football, on the huge side. National stadium fighters and Tolka Park footballers said it on Saturday, it means the world to them.

We see a lot of rugby, but after Leinster passed the Dragons on Sunday, Eddie O’Sullivan had the sound of a man wishing RTÉ had televised the Ballyslushguttery Under-12 final rather than this particular encounter.

His disappointment with Leinster’s performance, in their 7-6 win over the Welsh, led to one of his best metaphor moments to date.

“You get a punch in the mouth at the start of the season, you circle the cars but it shakes your cage a bit,” he said, Jamie Heaslip, next to him, left shaken. Jamie tried to defend Leinster a bit, but Eddie insisted that “their wheels came off – literally”. “They will have to review the manure they produced today,” he added.

Muck – and not to be too harsh about it – was pretty much the performance that Benjamin Taylor, Edward Holderness, Oli Tipping, Guy Dixon, Charlie Mason and Digby Walker produced at the London Marathon, despite all of Gabby’s fainting spells. Logan and Andrew from the BBC. Cotter about their efforts. Twelve legs they had between them, and yet they only managed a time of 04: 34.52.

Joyciline Jepkosgei won the women’s race in 2: 17.43, Sisay Lemma winning the men’s gong with a time of 2: 04.01 – and between them they had only four legs.

Colin the caterpillar

Admittedly, Benjamin, Edward, Oli, Guy, Charlie and Digby, which sound a bit like a WhatsApp group that Boris Johnson might subscribe to, were disguised as Colin the caterpillar, an experience which Guy said “tested our friendship.” . Especially for those who might have been stuck in the middle pieces of Colin between Digby and Benjamin.

Liverpool, in this case, showed all the dynamism of Colin the Caterpillar in the first half of their duel with Manchester City, having the appearance of a team so lacking in energy that they seemed to have three legs between them, instead of 22.

But then, the second half.

The Premier League gets a bunch of sarky dog ​​abuse for overestimating itself, but then a second half like this comes along and you’d think it didn’t rank half high enough. Salah’s goal? Ah stop. Rodri’s blocking of Fabinho’s effort? Ah here. When he celebrated the moment with his teammates, Gary Neville was puzzled.

“Clents pinched!” Uh … clenched fists.

No worries Nevy Garille, we felt the same.

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