The fighters who called out Jake Paul, from UFC Superstar Nate Diaz to World Boxing Champion Claressa Shields

JAKE PAUL warned the fighting world with his brash arrogance and boundless self-confidence.

Paul has now beaten AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley – which he rematched on Saturday night – in style.


Jake Paul won his first two pro fights by knockoutCredit: Getty Images – Getty

And the thunder it seems to steal from boxing and major MMA attractions has upset many.

Paul has made it clear his intention is to fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor – with the duo’s teams “constantly” in talks.

As Paul looks to beat Woodley for the second time this weekend, SunSport lines up waiting for the problem child.

Dillon Danis, Bellator welterweight

If Paul, 24, can’t get his hands on McGregor, 33, the next best thing would be his close friend and training partner Danis, 28.

The couple have been back and forth for years, and faced off on the streets of LA earlier this year.

After Paul’s victory over Robinson, he said, “There’s a long list of opponents that I want – Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis. I’ll knock them both out. “

Danis’ Bellator promoter Scott Coker recently confirmed the fight talks: “These conversations are ongoing and have taken place.”

And Danis recently did another dig at Paul, tweeting a photo of a lot of seats available for this weekend’s fight with the message: “damn @jakepaul thought you sold the arena.”

Dillon Danis pictured with Conor McGregor


Dillon Danis pictured with Conor McGregor


Claressa Shields, 3-weight champion

Shields, 26, who made his MMA debut earlier this year in the PFL, said TMZ she would be more than happy to have a mixed confrontation with Paul.

She said, “I, Claressa Shields, am going to slam Jake Paul’s ass.

“He can come into the ring weighing 180 pounds and I’ll come weigh 168 and beat him.”

Paul replied in a tweet: “Don’t get me started on @Claressashields.”

Amanda Nunes, UFC featherweight champion

Tired of Paul’s online calls to McGregor, UFC President White said TMZ Sports earlier this year: “I’m thinking about letting Amanda Nunes break her ass.”

To which Nunes, 33, replied: “I’m in it! @Ufc @danawhite.”

Paul later remarked on Instagram: “You say you don’t want me to fight Conor McGregor because he’s one of the greatest fighters in the world, and I’m just a YouTuber or whatever.

“But then in a statement today you say, ‘Oh, I think of Amanda Nunes just knocking her out,’ but she’s also one of the greatest fighters? ‘

The Brazilian will be busy with a rematch against Julianna Pena, having shockingly lost her UFC bantamweight belt to Venezuelan Vixen on Saturday night.

Kamaru Usman, UFC welterweight champion and No.1 p4p

UFC Pound-for-Pound No1 Kamaru Usman offered Jake Paul a chilling warning during a back-and-forth between the pair earlier this year.

He said: “I understand that you think this is a game, which is probably why you don’t realize that this is how people really get hurt.

“I don’t play combat and I can change your life in the worst possible way.”

Iron Mike Tyson is behind the game, telling Henry Cejudo on his podcast, “I wanna see this shit.

“It’s gonna be so fucking money, how can he refuse it?”

“It’s a lot more money than … it’s two or three times the money [than he earns] at UFC. So how could he refuse?

P4P No1 Kamaru Usman Gave Jake Paul a Scary Warning


P4P No1 Kamaru Usman Gave Jake Paul a Scary WarningCredit: Getty

UFC welterweight Nate Diaz

The UFC veteran surprisingly came to the defense of his former rival McGregor, after Paul called him an “Irish c ***” and disrespected his fiancée Dee Devlin.

Diaz, 36, tweeted: “Jake Paul you need ass pounding for free you’re spoiled f *** you can’t really fight idiots *** you gonna end up with your ass screamed for real somewhere talking like that. ”

Paul hit back by telling Diaz “I really beat your boy” during a training session regarding the UFC star’s training partner.

He then tweeted Diaz, “You can get the smoke too.”

The legendary MMA star from Stockton, Calif., Should have his hands full, however, with a successful 170-pound fight against Dustin Poirier potentially in the works.

Henry Cejudo, former UFC champion

Tyson’s pal Cejudo announced a shocking UFC retirement last year – but looks set to move on to boxing.

And he was left less than impressed with Paul’s knockout of Robinson and claimed he would donate his fight bag to charity if the YouTuber beat him.

Cejudo, 34, tweeted: “Yo @jakepaul since you really think you’re a legitimate fighter beating NBA retirees D lister who really deserves an academy award for best fall.

“How about beating us up and if I can’t stop you, I’ll donate all the money to any charity you choose.”

Antonio Tarver, retired boxing legend

Tarver called Mike Tyson to arrange a fight between him and Paul.

He hasn’t fought since 2015, but would come out of retirement to prevent the New Age of Underdogs from venturing into the ring.

Tarver, 53, wrote on Instagram: “I really want to kick @jakepaul’s ass for what he did at @naterobinson last night and rid boxing of those clowns once and for all.

“He fought a complete novice so beating me shouldn’t be a problem… @miketyson is doing this fight.”

Tommy Fury – undefeated 7-0 boxer

Of course, we couldn’t round off this list without mentioning Tommy Fury.

The 22-year-old had been set for the payday of his life on Saturday night, before an injury gripped him sorely.

Fury’s defeat was Woodley’s win, although Britain’s 7-0 luck might have worn off.

Paul’s coach BJ Flores told SunSport exclusively: “I really don’t have any comment on Tommy except that he missed a huge opportunity, that he’s sick, that he’s had blood. bad luck or whatever.

“This is a huge opportunity and probably one he will never have again, it would have been, for sure, the biggest salary of his career.

“Even if he were to become a champion, it’s highly unlikely that he would ever win that money again, in any fight in his career.”

Tommy Fury was spotted with Molly-Mae this week


Tommy Fury was spotted with Molly-Mae this weekCredit: Splash

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