The players you don’t want to talk about in today’s NBA


Trash-talking has become a lost art in today’s NBA, even though it was once a staple of the game. It sparked many rivalries between players and teams, playing a major role in this era. where the NBA was qualified gold. Nowadays, trash-talking has been kept to a minimum due to the league being very strict with its rules, asking referees to punish the slightest acts of twittering. But despite all the restrictions, a handful of players still manage to squeeze in a few words and shenanigans in order to gain a psychological advantage over their opponent.

One of those players is arguably Jazz striker from Australia, Joe Ingles. Ingles is far from the most physically imposing player, but he has a way of making his way on the pitch, while also being known to provoke and troll opponents. So who better to name some of the players, even Ingles wouldn’t want to talk about trash in today’s NBA. Joe cited a few names while speaking with Duncan Robinson on Robinson’s “The Long Shot” podcast:

“Russ (Westbrook) is one of those guys; you rub him the wrong way or whatever says the wrong thing or you engage with him on a dead bullet, whatever. It takes him a second, and he can do 20, 20, and 20; we’ve seen that before… I’m not joking with James Johnson, not at all. Say what you wanna tell me. I run the other way.

Joe Ingles, via The Long Shot

Russell Westbrook has been known for years as one of those players who brings maximum intensity every night, causing him to often get into one-on-one battles and altercations. Sometimes he can get greedy and lose the game for his team, but he can also explode and you singlehandedly win a game just because he felt motivated by his opponent’s discussions.

The other player mentioned by Ingles, James Johnson, has players in the league fear a different kind of fear. You don’t joke with Westbrook because he can burn you on the basketball court, but Johnson just scares you with his presence. He’s the unanimous type that you absolutely avoid bumping into because of the fact that Johnson has a black belt in mixed martial arts. When you add that 6’7 ”, 240lb frame to some awesome fighting skills, it creates a type you won’t even think of talking about trashy. It would have been interesting to see these two guys in the 80s without any restrictions on trash-talking.

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