They attack an MMA fighter on the street and get a lesson

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The fighter mma victor lyll He was the protagonist of a viral video in which two young people tried to attack him but he received a lesson in self-defense. A 32-year-old fighter responded calmly and forcefully Two men tried to attack her while she was defending someone elseas explained by No. 8 in Mixed Martial Arts Rankings of Australia,

In two separate videos published on the Internet, it was possible to see how two young men were with a girl. Try to surround and kill Victor Lyle in a mall Brisbane (Australia). The fighter, far from looking for a confrontation, keeps his distance and tries to warn the boys a few times when they approach. However, in front of his insistence and threats, the first MMA fighter slap try to scare off the pursuers and in the end Uses a kick and a punch Kill each one that almost manages to knock them out.

As we can see in the video, not only Victor Lyle He was careful not to use techniques with which a professional could do great harm to those who tried to attack him.But kept avoiding his cunning strikes and in no way did he approach the girl who threatened him saying “My father is a bodybuilder”,

After the video became hugely popular on the internet, the fighter took to Instagram to explain the reasons behind the incident at a mall. “I stepped in because someone was being attacked,” he said of the moments before the boys were assaulted. ,Although the two men were mercilessly beating someone together, it stopped, The video that went viral is probably (hopefully) one hell of a punishment for them. Please don’t disturb them,” Victor Lyle wrote on Instagram.

The fighter, on the other hand, said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore and when asked about his self-defense lessons with calm and psychological mastery, he assured that he had his experience as a differentiator. . “Of course, it was a bit of practice for me. It’s good that no one was hurt.He concluded.

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